Quick Thoughts On Civil War

I don’t feel like doing an analysis or review so just going to jot down some thoughts. Spoilers under the cut.

-Black Panther was, of the new characters being introduced, by far and away my favorite. I’m not just saying that because I’m not a Spider-Man fan because, well, I’ve always been indifferent to Black Panther anyway. Also his inclusion felt more natural in the film whereas Spider-Man was just written in. I know there’s been a great response to him but the film could have existed without him almost unchanged. That said, Spidey was alright. Looked good and had the interactions down. But I have no motivation to see a new Spider-Man film.

-I am glad little of this film had anything in common with the comic book. I knew it wouldn’t but I just wanted to say that I’m happy it had little in common with that comic.

-Villains are still a downside to the MCU. Crossbones could have been a player. Zemo, while incredibly capable and had some good stuff, felt like there needed to be more there. Hopefully they go somewhere with Zemo.

-Ant-Man, almost in the same boat as Spidey as not being really needed for the film, did have a lot of great scenes and one major one that makes you go “Yeah, he had to be in the film.” Looking forward to Ant-Man and Wasp.

-Some of the fight scenes felt to quick. Like I was missing some seconds of action. I like great action sequences-and their were plenty-but it could have been slowed a tiny bit.

-The whole cast is good. Some better than others because they had more to do. Chris Evans is so good as Steve Rogers and this is the best Downy has been as Stark since Avengers in my opinion. That said, I still hate Stark.

-Now that we have three black superheroes Marvel needs to start putting some Hispanic, Asian, and more heroes into the mix.

-Film looked very good. Overall, quality movie and while-probably, the best done superhero film of the year I actually think I’ll end up watching Deadpool more often. Also, still like Winter Soldier better.

-Black Panther got me hyped for a film I was not sure what to think about. Going to be awesome!


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