What I’ve Been Doing: Reading, Listening, Watching for 5/15/16



Just finished the first John Carter book, A Princess of Mars, and it was pretty good. A little hard for me at times but it is a century old story. Plus the pacing and the basic premise which is just obstacle after obstacle of Johns desire to save Dejah and be a free man on Mars. I don’t know what to say about it other than the film is not similar at all. Dejah has less of a presence here than the movie. The book is more violent. I have the first five books in a large book but I’m going to take a break from it.

Next up a old, forgotten YA scifi book called Invitation to the Game. Read it when i was a a kid and tracked it down some months back.

I have the first Heavy Metal of Grant Morrisons tenure as EiC but have not read it yet.

Comics coming in on Tuesday. Some faves are in the box.


Slowly getting into the Ayria album Paper Dolls. mentioned last time that it gave me a ‘meh’ impression. Feed Her to the Wolves and Sticks & Stones are proving the stand out tracks, though both are quite depressing.

The new album from Synthwave Perturbator, The Uncanny Valley, is really good. Really fucking good.

The Rob Zombie album is hit and miss. The album comes and goes quick, not enough meet, but a couple of jams on their and the music in general is pretty good. Its still disappointing in comparison to the last album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor.

I’ve also got a thing for mashups. Check this one out taking a classic Rob Zombie track and giving it the funk it needed.


Steven Universe is back! However I felt underwhelmed with the first two back. Really think I’d have appreciated them more if they were not the first ones back from the hiatus. The second of the new episodes ends the cluster story and while I understood what they did, I think the wait just killed it.

The 100 needs to calm the fuck down. Most the CW shows are close to ending, Flash being my favorite of them right now. The Kevin Smith episode, Runaway Dinosaur, was really good.

Penny Dreadful is two episodes in and really fucking good thus far. Third episode tonight. GoT… well, i kinda stopped watching cause I read the books but am watching now because its passed them. Its… okay…

Bobs Burgers is a gift.

I already spoke on Captain America: Civil War.

Watched a few AIP films from the specials TCM are doing. Buckets of Blood was alright, hated High School Hellcats. I got three others I DVR’d, next up Attack of the Puppet People. Also the cult classics X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes and Francis Ford Coppolas Dementia 13.

Wrestling wise, gonna write up something on Lucha Underground sooner or later.

Caught a few Chikara shows, not really impressed with the in ring work but liked some of the new characters and of course several older wrestlers.Much props to Kimber Lee and Heidi Lovelace being the first women to compete for the primary title of a male dominated promotion.

NJPW stats Best of the Super Juniors tournament next weekend. Weeks of wrestling. Even the shows that are not live will have the tournament matched filmed for on demand at NJPW world. Good times.



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