Order Form-July 2016

Due to a family reunion I switched to monthly so I won’t be getting most of these until August.

All New Wolverine #10-Fave Marvel series at the moment.

Archie #10 Cvr A Reg Veronica Fish-An excellent book. I’m glad I gave it a shot, thoroughly entertaining.

Batgirl And The Birds of Prey Rebirth #1-Gonna give this a shot as it features Babs, Helena, and Dinah.

Betty & Veronica #1 Cvr A Reg Adam Hughes-I like Adam Hughes but haven’t read much with him doing interior art. An odd choice for Betty and Veronica but whatever.

Detective Comics #936 & 937-The Rebirth issues just started rolling out this week. Early word has been good.

Doctor Strange #10-Dropped this because I missed some random one shot and I don’t feel like catching it. It was good but, c’mon Marvel, why do a one shot about Dr. Strange outside the book? Plus I needed to drop books anyway.

Green Arrow #2 & 3-Started two weeks ago and early word is that this is real good. One of the best Rebirth books and hype that it could be a great kick off to a Green Arrow run, a character thats had very few great or good runs.

Green Lanterns #2 Var Ed & #3 Var Ed-The variants by Emanuela Luppachino who I wish was drawing but whatever. Early review is mixed but I like Simon Baz and want to support him.

Harley Quinn #30-Last issue of the current run that I’ve stopped reading and am jumping off.

Jem & The Holograms #17-Sophie Campbells leaving the series, and I am on the fence. While a fun book I’m hesitant to stay along if the art is not comparable. Unless they focus more on the Misfits, who I prefer.

Klaus #7-Is this the last issue? been a very fun mini.

Lazarus #23-Fave Image book, its been on hiatus for a while but returns this upcoming week.

Legend of Wonder Woman #8 (of 9)-Series is getting another volume which is cool because this is a fun series.

Mae #3-Forgot I got issue 1 last week, need to read that.

Monster TP Vol 09 Perfect Edition-The reissue of the great Naoki Urasawa series. I think this is the final volume.

Paper Girls #7-I’m still buying this? Its been… interesting but not as engaging is BV’s other book Saga. Chiangs art though is great.

Sabrina #6 Cvr A Reg Hack-I love this book.

Superman #2 Var Ed & #3 Var Ed-I don’t know who is doing the variant covers. Anyway, reviews for the first Rebirth issue have been… mixed but I’m hoping for the best. Like the artists involved.

Wonder Woman #2 & 3-Almost decided to go with the Frank Cho covers. Anyway-Greg Rucka has returned, so has Nicola Scott, and they’re being joined by Liam Sharp. The Rebirth issue is one of the best review of the launches. I’m hyped. Getting it soon.

Wonder Woman The True Amazon HC-Can never have too much Wonder Woman.

Batgirl: Cassandra Cain vol. 2-Was happy that DC decided to trade the whole series. The first volume was a breezy fun read. Hyped for volume 2.

My Love Story vol. 9-One of the best manga out there.

One-Punch Man vol. 7-One of the best manga and superhero books out there.


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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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