Expected Comic Books for August

This is what should be arriving for August.

Wonder Woman #4 & 5-My second favorite of the DC Rebirth stuff at the moment. Odd issues are have Liam Sharp on art and follow the Lie story with the even numbers having Nicola Scott doing a year one story.

Superman #4 & 5-Its been a mixed bag. Like the art, like the characterization, but not sure if its going anywhere I care to tag along with.

Suicide Squad Rebirth #1 & #1-Forgot to add to pull so I have to order issues 2 and 3 when released through either Midtown or My Comic Shop. Oops! Checking it out cause I’m curious about Jim Lee on a title that does not have Superman or Batman in the leads.

Silver Surfer #6-7 was on my order form for August but 5 just came out, so if I get any Surfer its issue 6. Its been good but not feeling it like the previous volume.

Saga #37-Feels like its been months since the last issues. The current arc I’m not feeling as much as the previous ones. Still heads and shoulders above most books.

Revival #42-Apparently coming towards the end which is good because the book was starting to feel like a chore.

Paper Girls #8-I feel like I’m buying this simply to wait for it to become great. I’m nto with the critics with it and I need to start making cuts soon.

Monika GN Masked Ball-Divisive creator Guillem March original graphic novel. I like his art, looking forward to see what he does without superheroes.

Legend of Wonder Woman #9 (of 9)-I missed issue 7 somewhere but ordered the trade so, there’s that. Great series, if you like WW or have always been curious about her, check this one out.

Lazarus #24-One of my favorite books right now. Love this book. It was optioned last year but no news, which is fine. I think they’d mess it up on TV or film.

Jem & The Holograms #18 Subscription Var-One of the reasons I bought this book is gone, and with rumors of a Misfits comic book I might not need this. That said, still cute and colorful.

Green Lanterns #4 & 5 Var Ed-I really wanted to like this, I like GL Simon Baz and think Jessica Cruz has potential but the constant bickering, the lackluster story, and the average at best art is pushing me away. depending on these issues I might subtract from my pull. Will miss those nice Emanuela Lupacchino covers.

Green Arrow #4 & 5-Favorite Rebirth title. Just above WW. Its been a while since I’ve been happy with GA.

Gotham Academy Annual #1-I debated on this series, as its cute but not something I feel compelled to read. But here we are, the Annual and then next month Second Semester.

Detective Comics #938 & 939-A distant third in the Rebirth titles I’m following. Fun, cool characters, arts fine. I dig it and will stick around.

Deathstroke #1-Another pull list fuck up. Had to order the Rebirth launch off Midtown because I didn’t realize it got one and forgot it was bi-weekly so will have to order issue 3 manually. Anyway, a legendary writer I a have read little from named Christopher Priest returns to comic books for the famed Villain. Why? ‘Because he wasn’t black.’ Preist got tired of being seen as the black comic book writer. I’m more interested in it cause Rose Wilson is in it.

Betty & Veronica #2 Cvr A Reg Adam Hughes-Issue 1 was slice of life goodness with great art.

Batgirl And The Birds of Prey #1-The Rebirth issue did nothing for me! The art was a mixed bag and the story I was not that interested in. I’ll give it a few more issues to turn around for me.

Archie #11 Cvr A Reg Veronica Fish-Funny how I’ve become a fan of Archie. Really digging this series.

All New Wolverine Annual #1 & #11-Having a hard time finding anything at Marvel as its in constant change based around big events. Or seems like the runs go only so long before a relaunch. Hopefully All New Wolverine rolls for a while because really loving this title.

Afterlife With Archie #10 Cvr A Reg Francavilla Cvr-I’m not holding my breath as this series release dates are sporadic but if it comes out, awesome.

X-23 Complete Collection Vol. 1-Marvel is releasing the original X-23 run and since I’m digging All New Wolverine and liked her in both Avengers Academy and All New X-Men I am checking it out.

The Maxx: Maxximized Volume 6-On my pre-orders but Amazon doesn’t seem sure if its coming out this month. I’ve read the series but I’m picking up these HC reissues.

Deathstroke Rebirth #1-As stated above, on order from Midtown and should be shipping this week, which means I’ll get it the week after. Maybe…


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