Top 10 Favorite Superman: The Animated Series

I did my TOP 25 FAVORITE BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES episodes so why not a list for Superman?

10: My Girl (S1 ep 11), Directed by Yuichiro Yano, Written by Hilary J. Bader
Don’t know what to say about this one other than I enjoyed the interactions between Clark and the ladies. Lana is a fashion designer who is dating Lex, starts tipping off Superman. She clearly still cares for Clark. The way Lana moves and talks, she’s just fun to watch. That ending with Lana telling Clark the kind of person he deserves only for Lois to start hollering him about work I thought was funny. Plus Lex was envious of Superman. Envious Lex makes me happy. I hate that guy.

9: Stolen Memories (S1 Ep 8), Directed by Curt Geda, Written by Rich Fogel
This is the first Brainiac/Superman confrontation as Brainiac comes to Earth and strikes a bargain with Lex. He tries to double cross Lex while Superman learns the truth about the alien AI. Brainiac is one of the better Superman villains and also a total asshole in this series so its great cheering against him. One of the joys of the series is the way Superman and Lex Luthor converse and this episode showcases some good scenes between the two.

8: Little Girl Lost, Part 1 (S2 ep 27-28), Directed by Curt Geda, Part 1 Written by Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer and Part 2 Written by Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer & Rich Fogel
The introduction to Supergirl to the series. I actually wish the series went longer just to see more of her. Luckily she shows up in some very cool Justice League Unlimited episodes. Anyway, she’s found by Superman and taken to live on the Kent farm with his folks. Bored of farm life she comes to Metropolis hoping to help him against Intergang. Soon her and Jimmy Olson run into Granny Goodness and discover a scheme by Darkseid. This episode balances between fun superheroics and darker imagery with what goes on Apokolips. I love how true to souce they are, the really bring to life Jack Kirby’s classic Fourth World characters. One of the overall bests of the whole DCAU.

7: Monkey Fun (S2 ep 13), Directed by Curt Geda, Written by Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer
I dig this episode greatly. I wasn’t much of a Superman fan growing up but I watched this show casually and dug this episode. Probably my first time really getting to know Lois. Here, her pet monkey Titano is found decades later in suspended animation. Returned to Earth he starts to grow to a giant ape. Lois is a sassy, blunt, driven woman but I dug the scenes of her babying Titano, being tired out by him, and her trying to have a spa day. This is an incredibly cute and fun episode.

6: The Last Son of Krypton (S1 Ep 1-3), Part 1 Directed by Dan Riba, Part 2 Directed by Scott Jeralds & Curt Geda, Part 3 Directed by Bruce Timm & Dan Riba, Written by Alan Burnett & Paul Dini
The three part kick off. First episode takes us to Krypton where Brainiac becomes part of the mythology of the world. We watch as young Clark leans where he comes from. Then Clark Kent in the big city with Lois, Jimmy, perry and Lex. As a youngest my lack of appreciation for Superman made me not care much for these episodes but as ana dult they’re among my favorite.

5: Superman’s Pal (S3 ep 8), Directed by Kazumi Fukushima, Written by Robert Goodman
A Jimmy Olson focused episode. Jimmy can’t catch a break until a news report featured an edited version of an on the spot interview where he becomes Supermans pal. So obviously a number troubles comes his way. One of the downsides to this series moreso than Batman is that I felt they should’ve done more with Jimmy and Lois. As cool as Batman’s supporting players are, Lois and Jimmy have so much wealth of potential. Its the last season and we finally get a Superman’s Pal episode? This was a fun, energetic episode that I really enjoyed.

4: Livewire (S2 ep 5), Directed by Curt Geda, Written by Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer
One of the Superman episodes I loved as a kid that I still love. While Superman had several strong, more serious or emotionally charged episodes I tend to lean to the bright superhero fun with Superman’s show. What can be more fun than a shock jock who becomes a bad guy? Plus I had a crush on Lori Petty as a young one due to Tank Girl snd A League of their Own. I was even one of the only people who watched her sitcom in the 90s.

3: Warrior Queen (S2 ep 24), Directed by Curt Geda, Written by Hilary J. Bader
Queen Maxima is in search of a mate, which brings Superman to her attention As she seeks to take him she is betrayed. Superman is a fireman, he comes and puts out the fires while making some corny statements or a type of PSA message. In this case Superman trying to help Maxima be a better leader, and what courting really should be about. Some good fights, some good laughs, great ending piece.

2-World’s Finest Part 1-3 (S2 ep 16-18), Dirrected by Toshihiko Masuda, Written by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini with Rich Fogel (part 1), Steve Gerber (part 2) and Stan Berkowitz (part 3)
Batman and Superman team up. Come on… How was this list not going to have their first team up?

1-The Late Mr. Kent (S2 ep 22), Directed by Kenji Hachizaki, Written by Stan Berkowitz
I’ve stated that growing up I was not much of a Superman fan but this episode was one that made me pause as a youngster who did not know any better. Having reached it several times as an adult, wow. Clark looks in the alibi of a man about to be executed, upon finding truth to his claim, Clark goes to get the man exonerated only for a car bomb to send him off a road and into the ocean (lake?). Superman and Lois team up to get the real culprit. This episode is dark. Much darker when you think about the rules and regulations of Standards & Practices. I guess being on WB gave more freedom than Fox. There are so many great moments, like Lois holding the picture if Clark while Suuperman tries to console her. The final moment in the episode. The cameo. So much to love including the narration. Its the best Clark Kent episode.

Honorable Mentions
Apokolips…Now, Part 1-2 (S2 ep 25-26), Knight Time (S3 ep 2), Legacy Part 1-2 (S3 ep 12-13)


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    Fantastic list! Great writeup! Do you feature your writing on any other sites?

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