What I’ve Been Doing: Reading, Listening, Watching 10/6/16

Just comic books. Green Arrow and Wonder Woman still fave of the Rebirth stuff. Really getting into Deathstroke too. Archie and the latest Afterlife with Archie was great.

On the manga side been reading the terrible, horrible, awful but fascinating Devilman Lady. Don’t recommend it but I’m going to keep at it for a while. Also the latest volume of the magnificent My Love Story. Such a great shoujo book.

Been blasting part of the Popstar soundtrack. Its fun, stupid, and catchy. Really, finally getting into the PIG album. Took a few spins but now really digging it. Mercy Murder and Saturated are faves, and the new edit of Drugzilla is better than the version that was out a couple years back. Also, got some Witch House music. Witch House is taking chill, creepy electronic music and adding those hip-hop chop and screw beats. Its an interesting mix, and a lot of times it comes off terribly-especially with people trying to rap over the beats. Other times its pretty cool. This time around picked up Sidewalks and Skeletons and RVTS, which is on a European label that puts out a whole lot of witch house music. Other than that I have been spinning VHS Glitch album which I mentioned last time I did one of these updates.

Lots, first with anime. Got a bunch of stuff and so far not feeling most of it. Cyber City 808 Odeo is a great looking anime but pretty boring. It had that late 80s/early 90s violence but did not click. Tried Special A, based on a manga I have and wow! I forgot how lackluster that story was. Thanks anime, makes me wonder why I kept buying the manga, probably just worked better in my head. Tried Devil Man and while the first few episodes were fine I don’t have the patience. Devilman Lady (aka Devil Lady) is… not as interesting as the manga. I mean, the tore out a lot of the problematic and stupid stuff from the manga but somehow made it boring. I’ll give it a few more episodes. Did enjoy Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko. Has the 80s cuteness and I think it could have worked better as a full series instead of a short movie cause I wanted more.

TV shows are back. Gotham is a mixed bag, Ghost Rider is the best thing about Agents of SHEILD, Brooklyn Nine Nine has been great laughs, and South Park is okay. Flash’s season 3 debut was good. Had some very interesting things going on and I’m curious how Flashpoint continues to effect this show and maybe the others. Arrow had a very strong debut for season 5. Good action, good on screen chemistry. This might be a back to basics season and that would be great because the last season was a bust and season 3 was weak. Luke Cage however is my favorite superhero show of the year. LOVED IT! Check it out! Everyone was great and I especially dug Alfre Woodard as Black Mariah.

Also watching films for October but will pump out lists for that starting Friday night. See the horror, supernatural and thrillers I’m watching. I’m six films in and so far, not a clunker but little in the way of favorites. The only other film I watched was Popstar with Andy Samburg which was a hell of a lot better than I thought it would be. Hilarious.

Of course wrestling… WWE splitting brand means more PPVs as Raw and Smackdwon have branded big shows except when the annual marquee PPV is up and they share. The Smackdown PPV, Backlash, was real good with AJ Styles pulling out the bets match of Dean Ambrose singles career in WWE. New Smackdown branded champions as Becky Lynch becomes the top woman on Smackdown and the unlikely duo of Heath Slater (long time undercard jobber) and Rhyno (former ECW fave who is part time in WWE) became tag champs. That whole PPV was good. The Raw one that followed, Clash of the Champions was fine, not nearly as good. Having a little trouble picking a fave match cause a lot of the endings were weird or anti-climatic. Smackdown has their next one this Sunday followed in two weeks by Raw with the gimmick Hell in the Cell.

NJPW had a trio of big shows entitled Destruction. The first, Destruction in Tokyo, featured a brilliant encounter between the injured (legit) Katsuyori Shibata defending his NEVER Openweight Ttitle against the ROH TV champion Bobby Fish. The sickening headbutt he gave Fish… Show was headliend by a Junior Heavyweight Title match with Bushi finally getting the belt, the match itself was just okay. Destruction in Kobe featured several attractions but the best was Heavyweight Tag champs the Briscoes defending against Junior Tag champs the Young Bucks. Fave match of the three. The main event had Kenny Omega defending his TokyoDome contract against YoshiHashi in a good match that did not measure up to their G1 Climax match. Destruction in Hiroshima was really a one match show but produced two great matches. The first as Adam Cole and the Young Bucks took on Satoshi Kojima and Ricochet with new partner David Finley as Matt Sydal had travel issues. This forced them to relinquish the NEVER 6 Man belts but won them in this match to determine the new NEVER 6 Man champs. This was an incredibly fun match. Finley was a Young Lion for over a year and while most go on excursion he just graduated to an in between area as midcard guy who can now win. Now he’s a champion and he will team with Ricochet to challenge the Young Bucks at the next NJPW big show. The main event was Michael Elgin defending his Intercontinental Title against Tetsuya Naito, excellent match with a great reaction. The show, with less attractive card, pulled in a very a good crowd on the strength of the main. Naito now becomes NJPWs first Grand Slam champ (having won most the companies belts).


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