What I’ve Been Doing: Reading, Listening, Watching 11/5/16

Read a bunch of comics. My favorite DC Rebirth titles are Green Arrow, Wonder Woman and Deathstroke in that order. I also like Superman and Detective Comics but truth be told, I’m more basically 8 for 10 with these books so far. In the new Young Animals line up, well, too early but Doom Patrols been fun.

Outside DC, Silver Surfer has been reaching those high levels of the previous volumes. Archie and the horror comics have been very good. Plus Shutter and Lazarus over at Image. I should also mention how great Sunstone is, which recently tied up. I got a bunch of trades I still need to read and reread, including Geoff Johns Flash vol. 3 which just came in. Plus all these comics I pulled aside to reread. I’m sure after the holiday rush.

I started a novel, Crooked House by Agatha Christie. Been slow to read it. Might have to start bringing it to work to read during lunch. Also slowly flipping through the He-Man and She-Ra Episode Guide. Mostly for the art and trivia.

Digging the latest Electric Six album, might be one of my all time favorites. Also the newest Pretty Reckless. Actually spent today putting together my 2016 Music Favorites list.

Outside the new jams, on Halloween I made an Everyday Is Halloween mix. Featuring the classic Ministry track, over a dozen cover versions, and finally Ministry modern reworking of the song. Changing it from its synthpop dancefloor beat to the heavy mosh pit monster. You see the band started out synth and in 1988 turned into the fathers of American Industrial music and Industrial Metal. Since the mid 2000s became more of a hardcore Metal band. Really liking this mix.

Finished my horror film viewing for October. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.

I rewatched the excellent documentary/retrospective on Nightmare on Elm Street entitled Never Sleep Again. Rewatched the newest Ghostbusters, I still think its equal to or better than Ghostbusters 2. But nowhere near as good as the original Ghostbusters. Currently watching Star Trek Beyond as I write this.

TV viewing is mostly comic adaptations. Been down on Gotham, hating the Mad hatter stuff. Lucifer has been good. The mysteries are actually pretty standard but everything else has been strong. The DC Arrowverse stuff has been good. Supergirl season 2 is on its way to being better than season 1, Flash season 3 has been okay and getting better with each episode, Arrow season 5 has been strong thus far and hopefully it’ll stay that way sicne the last two seasons were not good, and season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow has been fun. Agents of SHIELD has vastly improved.

Outside this, Westworld has been incredible. Loving the show so far.

Working through InuYasha also.

WWE has been a mixed bag. Only watch the PPVs but keep up with the weekly shows through results and the podcast I am a part of. Advisory for language I guess. In short, been happy with some stuff and not so much with other stuff. I admire and respect Charlotte and Sasha Banks feud and how they’ve made history but the handling and direction of the feud and his climax left a bad taste in my mouth. All that is on WWE writers and agents and booking.

Behind on Lucha Underground. Was going to start on it this weekend but…

PWG Battle of Los Angeles was good but might have been on tournament burn out. Or maybe I’m just not as hyped about PWGs general direction, taking me out of their shows.

NJPW had Power Struggle which was very good. The much dismissed Guerillas of Detsiny (aka GOD) had their best showing against fan favorites Tomohiro Ishii and YOSHI-HASHI. A match that people figured would be fine with Ishii and HASHI but over delivered with GOD really working hard. I had been cutting that team slack, hoping for a turn around cause Tama Tonga is so talented but his brother was having a hard time fitting in with the company, I’ve seen some improvement but this match was my match of the night.

Won’t go into a major review but this show set in line a number of matches for the big Wrestle Kingdom in January. The main event was already set with IWGP Heavyweight Champ Kazuchika Okada defending against the first foreigner to win the G1 Climax, Kenny Omega. Omega actually pinned the champ in an 8 man tag on Power Struggle to build momentum. The Jr. title is set as division ace KUSHIDA, after winning back the title, was challenged by Hiromu Takahashi. Hiromu returns after a two year excursion. Like most NJPW dojo students, did his Young Lion tenure and then went abroad. Made his name in Mexico as Kamitachi and dazzled with a feud against Dragon Lee (II). Spent several months in the States he has returned to Japan. The Jr, Tag Belts should be the champions of the Young Bucks taking on the winners of the Super Jr. Tag Tournament, RPG Vice who won on the show. However previous years have had multi-man scramble matches so I expect two more teams including ACH/Taiji Ishimori who were in the finals. They actually beat the champs to advance in the first round. The big news is company superstar and Ace of the Universe Hiroshi Tanahashi challenge the company’s biggest star Tetsuya Naito for the Intercontinental Championship. Naito won the belt from Tanahahsi’s partner, Elgin, who he then injured. The last singles match was over a year ago when Naito cemented his new persona by beating Tanahashi in the G1 (and then his next bout beating current WWE heavyweight Champ AJ Styles).

This leaves the heavyweight tag belts, who will see their challengers decide in the upcoming Tag League. There is the Never 6 Man titles with Satoshi Kojima, Ricochet and David Finley needing challengers. The NEVER title which was recently won by EVIL. So three titles needing challengers and I’m sure one or two special attraction matches.


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