2016 Favorites: Music

Time to start rolling out the Favorites list. Not best of because obviously I don’t see, read, or listen to everything. First up Music because I really don’t listen to much new music.

Favorite Albums of 2016 That Were Not Released In 2016

4. Rust in Peace by Megadeth (1990)-I saw an Onion headline entitled Humanity Still Producing New Art As Though Megadeth’s ‘Rust In Peace’ Doesn’t Already Exist. So I listened to the album and, well, its a damn fine metal album. Link is to a Youtube Upload of the whole album and link to video for one of my fave songs.
Fave Songs: The Holy Wars… Punishment Due, Hanger 18, Five Magics

3. Suffersystem by Monster Voodoo Machine (1994)-Many a years ago a person I knew had this Monster Voodoo Machine promo disc with Inside These Walls and two remixes of other songs. This year I finally listened to the album those songs came from. Dug it, and the original versions were awesome. Link to a youtube playlist of the album and link to video for one of my fave songs.
Fave Songs: Bastard Is As Bastard Does, Defense Mechanism, Sunspots

2. Death Dream by Trevor Something (2015)-Cruising through Bandcamp I tried this dreamwave/synthpop album. Now, as a full album it is not as good as the previous two records but the stand out tracks are incredible. Those songs elevated a very cool album that’s got a great vibe about it. Dreamwave, synthpop, with a great touch of EBM mood. Link to Youtube for full album and link to video for one of my fave songs.
Fave Songs: The Possession, The Touch of Your Skin, Your Sex Is A Dream, Forever

1. Tie: Do What You Want by Death Proof (2015) and Blast Tyrant by Clutch (2004)-Tough call. Death Proof (the Canadian all girl punk band and not the other Death Proof bands) album is a great hard rock album. Just flows so well bringing in those Riot Grrrrrl feels. If I was listening to this last year it might have been #1, the song Love definitely would have been. As for Clutch, really started listening to them last year so still playing catch up. This album is a hard rock monster. Loved it. Death Proof links to bandcamp page where you can hear the album (and purchase) plus one of my fave songs (no video for Love sadly). Clutch links to Youtube fan assembled playlist. No MVs for any fave songs.
Fave Songs from Do What You Want: Like A Bomb, Whore, Love, Swimming
Fave Songs from Blast Tyrant: The Mob Goes Wild, Cypress Grove, Subtle Hustle, Ghost

Fave Songs Of The Year
10. Well, Everybody’s Fucking In A UFO by Rob Zombie from the album The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser
9. Wild City by The Pretty Reckless from the album Who You Selling For
8. My Dreams by Electric Six from the album Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres
7. Mercy Murder by Pig from the album Gospel
6. I’m Humble by The Lonely Island with Adam Levine from the soundtrack to Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
5. Number of the Beast by The Electric Six from the album Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres
4. While My Guitar Weeps by Regina Spektor from the soundtrack to Kubo and the Two Strings
3. Feed Her To The Wolves by Ayria from the album Paper Dolls
2. Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song) by The Lonely Island from the soundtrack to Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
1. Diamond Sinners by Pig from the album Gospel

Favorite Albums of 2016
Each Album link to Bandcamp page. Stream the songs, maybe buy the record.

7. MORAL DECAY by VHS Glitch-VHS Glitch’s first full length album, Evil technology, is what introduced me to synthwave. 80s film, TV and game inspired electronic music. Glitch’s music has run from cult scifi actioner to horror sounds to classic video game sound bad back. MORAL DECAY sounds like the soundtrack to a war between aliens in the deep reaches of space.
Fave Songs: Glitch.exe, Bloody Fists & Gunshells, The Evil Side of Realness, Programmed to Kill (remastered), Same Different World

6. MA†ER †ENEBRARUM by DEATHKID.-Witch House is a fascinating genre. Electronic music inspired by occult imagery, industrial noise, chopped and screw and trap hip hop beats. Very few acts I would recommend for anyone outside the intended audience. This album might be the first album I’ve heard that’s not only really good, but also a good beginners album. Incredibly listenable with replay value. DEATHKID. presents a fun album that maintains the main inspirations behind witch house without ever feeling like its trying to hard.

5. Who You Selling For by The Pretty Reckless-Taylor Momsen and company return with their third album. More old school style hard rock jams being kicked out with Taylor’s amazing vocals. I might like this album better than the previous two, which would mean I like each album better than the last. Wonder how I’ll feel when the fourth album drops.
Fave Songs: The Walls Are Closing In/Hangman, Oh My God, Take Me Down, Wild City, Mad Love

4. Paper Dolls by Ayria-Ayria is an artist I knew about for a while before I bought an album, which was a couple years back picking up two records. I still need to grab the two before that… Anyway I actually hopped on this the day it dropped and its amazing. Synthpop beauty with an aching heart. The beats are excellent and the lyrics grab you. Especially a certain depressing song I left off of my faves because its, well, depressing. My favorite of the albums I’ve heard from her.
Fave Songs: Underneath the Water, Feed Her To The Wolves, You’re So Vacant, Not Receiving, Chameleon

3. The Gospel by Pig-After over a decade Raymond Watts, one of the godfathers of Industrial Rock, returned to Pig. In that time he contributed to other bands, soundtracks and even fashion icon Alexander McQueen but us fans were wondering when Pig would return. The man who helped found legendary KMFDM, has worked with Foetus, inspired Nine Inch Nails and others has returned with The Gospel. More alternative rock focused but keeping that classic Pig feel lyrically with, at times, more maturity. However he doesn’t stray too far away from songs of lust, pain, and highs. Glad to have you back.
Fave Songs: Diamond Sinners, Found In Filth, Saturated, Mercy Murder, Make Yourself Deny

2. The Uncanny Valley by Perturbator-After discovering VHS Glitch I scoured the Bandcamp for synthwave and discovered Perturbator. More prolific with numerous releases and guest appearances on other synthwave artists albums, Perturbator is constantly on his grind. This dark synth album is mood music for a cyberpunk sprawl in a corrupt, unforgiving world. An impressive work.
Fave Songs: Death Squad, Assault, Femme Fatale feat. Highway Superstar, Venger feat. Greta Link, Sentiant feat. Hayley Stewart

1. Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres by Electric Six-After the disappointing Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die (2015) I was a little skeptical of checking this out. Then I remembered that the album Human Zoo (2014) more than made up for the forgettable Mustang (2013) so maybe Fresh Blood would be good. Turned out it was more than good. This one kicked up the disco/electronic/funk/rock jams I so love from them. Dick Valentines cray lyrics and vocal delivery. Lacing in some vampire and evil imagery makes this even more fun. Fun to the pont that it moved up list as fave album of the year.
Fave Songs: The Number of the Beast, Mood Is Improving, Dance With Dark Forces, My Dreams, Greener Pastures



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