Comics For March and Beyond


All New Wolverine #18, Silver Surfer #11-The only two Marvel books I’m buying. Both good books, not my favorites.

Animosity TP Vol 01-A story about animals ‘waking up’ and the world being thrown array. Or something.

Archie #18, Archies One Shot, Jughead The Hunger One Shot, Sabrina The Teenage Witch One Shot-The Archies one just got resolicited so… Anyway liking most of what I read from Archie comics.

Batwoman #1-Reborn relaunch is in my next package and then on to the new series. maybe I’ll like it. Honestly, I keep trying Batwoman but I keep feeling cold to her.

Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #6, Mother Panic #5, Shade The Changing Girl #6-Still buying Young Animals books from DC. Now, Mother Panic will not be releasing issue 5 next month as issue 3 just dropped. Its been late like Doom Patrol. Those two my fave books. Cave Carson and Shade been coming out regularly, both are good but mid to bottom of the stack.

Deathstroke #14-15-First or second fave mainstream superhero title.

Detective Comics #952-953-Crossover I don’t care about, should’ve skipped these.

Empowered Soldier of Love #2-First issue was alright, more interested in volume 10. That said, liked Karla Diaz art.

FCBD 2017 DC Super Hero Girls Summer Olympus, Lady Mechanika, Wonder Woman #1 Special Edition-Free comic day books.

Gotham Academy Second Semester #7-Honestly, slipping close to getting cut. despite the grand art and cool ideas.

Green Arrow #18-19-Third face mainstream superhero book.

Jem & The Holograms #25 Jem: The Misfits #4-The Misfits book I got hit by a delay since issue 2 just came out. I yhnk they wanted to time these so they can tie up at the same time but I don’t see that happening. Anyway, Misfits rile. Holograms suck.

Motor Crush #4, Motor Girl #4-Favorite new titles.

Old Guard #2-Waiting on issue 1 of the new title from writer Greg Rucka.

Paper Girls #12, Shutter #28-Good image books. Love Shutter but its wrapping up.

Suicide Squad #13-14-Dropped.

Vampirella #1-The 0 issue was interesting.

Wild Storm #2-Waiting on issue #1.

Wonder Woman #18-19-First or second fave mainstream superhero title.

Skipping Superman #18-19 due to crossover with Action Comics.


New Mutants Epic Collection: Renewal (Epic Collection: New Mutants)-Last minute pre-order. Always been curious, hopefully Marvel will release a second volume and not just this one and forget about it.

One-Punch Man, Vol. 11, Skip Beat!, Vol. 38-OPM is great, haven’t really paid attention to Skip Beat in a minute. Wrap it up.

Sunstone Book One-I don’t know why I ordered this, I’ve read it and also have the trades. I guess I love it that much.


About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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