31 Days of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Week 3

March 15th-Time After Time from 1979 (Director: Nicholas Meyer, Writer: Nicholas Meyer Based on Novel by Karl Alexander, Stars: Malcolm McDowell, David Warner and Mary Ateenburgen, Runtime: 112 min)

The story of HG Wells having his time machine stolen by Jack the Ripper. He ends up in 1979 San Francisco to track him, and finds love. A cute movie in parts, a little annoying with any sort of time displaced stories. Has that one frustrating scene where the hero is trying to get the police to save the day but they don’t believe him. This one has it twice actually, the second being the one that makes you yell at the TV. A pretty good film, you can see why it became a classic.


March 16th-Arcade from 1993 (Director: Albert Pyun, Writer: Story by Charles Band with Screenplay by David S. Goyer, Stars: Megan Ward, Peter Billingsley, John de Lancie, Seth Green, A.J. Langer, Runtime: 85 min)

This is scifi/horror movie is about a bunch of teens who try out a new virtual reality game called Arcade. It takes the losers and now a girl named Alex must beat it to save her friends. The special effects are garbage, the acting is mostly mediocre, looks cheap, and in general its not a good movie. Glad I watched it. I saw the last half of this movie on late night cable a long time ago and its forever etched in the back of my head. Also, it has Seth Green and AJ Langer. Seth everyone knows but AJ was one of the stars of an all time favorite film The People Under The Stairs. Also, David Goyer of a whole shit ton of comic book adaptations worked on this. Wow. The film is not that good, its fascinating idea and in the right hands could be turned into a pretty slick film. I nominate myself.


Quick note, Arcade is the first of several movies I’m watching by director Albert Pyun. Worked for legendary actor Toshiro Mifune (Seven Samurai, Rashomon, seriously you should know him) and went on to be one of the king of b-films. If you’re my age you’ll have seen some of his films. The ones I was familiar with include Captain America (the 1990 film. Cheesy but fun.), Jean Claude Van Dames Cyborg (awful and not because of Van Damme), and Andrew Dice Clay and Teri Hatcher’s Brainsmasher… A Love Story (saw parts of). When I put this shit together all I knew was he directed Cyborg and the next two films on my list. Arcade I was surprised to learn and the Sword and Sorcerer I only discovered when looking for Sword and Sorcery movies.

March 17th-Nemesis from 1992 (Director: Albert Pyun, Writer: Rebecca Charles, Stars: Oliver Gruner, Runtime: 95 min)

This movie is garbage. Its about a cyborg looking for some other cyborg about LAPD cyborgs and it doesn’t matter. How did this film get 3 sequels?


March 17th-Radioactive Dreams from 1986 (Writer/Director: Albert Pyun, Stars: John Stockwell and Michael Dudikoff, Runtime: 98 min)

Third Albert Pyun film is the best of what I’ve seen and probably would have been better if I had a better copy. BirthMoviesDeath had an article entitled RADIOACTIVE DREAMS, the Fallout Movie You Didn’t Know Existed which is how I heard of it. Philip and Marlowe get out of the fallout shelter they’ve lived in for years. They grew up on PI novels and looking to being Private Dicks in a post-apocalypse world and soon find themselves being chased by gangs and mutants over a pair of keys they accidentally picked up. The film, visually looks interesting though the copy I watched wasn’t the best. The leads, while dorks are having fun, everyone is having fun really. Its zany, weird, and generally a breeze. The previous movies I’ve seen from Pyun were too serious, and most lacked this level of imagination. Maybe he should write his own films? Music was cool-got the soundtrack. Too bad can’t find a trailer. Also, despite the image used, no official US DVD I can find.

[No US Trailer Available]

March 19th-The Sword and the Sorcerer from 1982 (Director: Albert Pyun, Writer: Albert Pyun, Tom Karnowski and John V. Stuckmeyer, Stars: Lee Horsley, Kathleen Beller, Simon MacCorkindale and George Maharis, Runtime: 99 min)

Sword and sorcery film about a prince seeking revenge on the man who killed his father and took his kingdom. Its fine. The jump around in the start with the narration was, I don’t know… kind of confused me when it just stopped and played straight. The action is pretty tame, the performances are whatever though I liked the princess. Not enough sorcery sadly but a couple cool looking scenes. It was okay. Last Albert Pyun movie of the set and now off to Sword and Sorcery films.


March 20th-Deathstallker from 1983 (Director: James Sbardellati, Writer: Howard R. Cohen, Stars: Richard Hill, Barbi Benton, Richard Brooker, Lana Clarkson, Runtime: 80 min)

A warrior looks to defeat an evil sorcerer. He must unit three objects of power to do so. His quest takes him to a tournament. Its a problematic movie. The fight scenes are whatever. The idea is pretty straight forward and the lead is mostly decent. Pretty forgettable but not horrible.


March 21st-Sorceress (Director: Jack Hill, Writer: Jack Hill and Jim Wynorski, Stars: Leigh Harris and Lynette Harris, Runtime: 83 min)

A father looks to sacrifice his first born to gain power but has twins and doens’t know who was the first born. The girls are stashed, grow up, fight their evil dad. Other stuff happens. It was a movie and like a few of these sword and sorcery films not that good. It looked okay, the characters were… okay… Yeah. The twin angle is a decent angle.


1. Logan
2. Planet of the Apes (1968)
3. Flash Gordon
4. Kong: Skull Island
5. Pete’s Dragon (2016)
6. Dragonslayer
7. Time After Time (1979)
8. Rock and Rule
9. Radioactive Dreams
10. Forbidden Planet
11. Stardust
12. Fantastic Voyage
13. I Come In Peace (aka Dark Angel)
14. Arcade
15. Deathstalker
16. The Sword and the Sorcerer
17. Sorceress
18. Golden Voyage of Sinbad
19. Omega Man
20. Wavelength
21. Nemesis

Week 1 , Week 2


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