31 Days of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Week 4ish

Since I’m planning on doing anime films for the last few days I decided to put this one up now.

March 22nd-Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure from 1989 (Director: Stephen Herek, Writer: Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, Stars: Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter and George Carlin, Runtime: 89 min)

Two dudes have to pass a class and with the help of a time machine they round up historical figures to help them. First time watching this, have seen bits. Its good. Nothing at all wrong with it. Unique story, crazy shenanigans, good performances. Just not my kind of film. I liked that the step mom was real cool with her step son who was only a few years younger. Thought that was neat. I ain’t go nothing much to say about it.


March 23rd-Weird Science from 1985 (Writer/Director: John Hughes, Stars: Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Kelly Le Brock with Bill paxton and Robert Downy Jr., Runtime: 94 min)

Two friends try to create the perfect woman, she tries to help them to have fun and be adventurous. So, yeah… the classic teen scifi comedy. Mmmmmmm… Okay. Its alright. Theme song is of course a classic. Some amusing parts, looks good. Moving on…


March 24th-Power Rangers from 2017 (Director: Dean Israelite, Writer: John Gatnis, Stars: Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, Ludi Lin, Bill Hader, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, Runtime: 124 min)

You know the deal. Group of teens find a ship, get powers, stop a bad guy. Look, its basic superhero origin stuff. We get a glimpse at the power, meet the heroes, training sequences, leads to fight with the bad guy. The armor and zoids come in late in the game. Other than that, its good. I quite enjoyed it. More and more when I think about it. I liked the group of kids, diverse set. They had great back and forth. This movie lives and dies with these performances and they pretty much hit a home run. Elizabeth Banks, a controversial choice for Rita Repulsa, did a pretty good job. She seemed to be having fun. The special effects were a bit wonky and the action a mixed bag but I cheer everytime I see a German suplex. What I’m saying is this, its a fun film. If you like CW superhero shows you might really dig this. Also, the guy who said it was worse than the Fantastic Four film that came out a few years ago… That was a fucking lie. Absolute lie.


March 25th-I Married a Monster from Outer Space from 1958 (Director: Gene Fowler Jr., Writer: Louis Vittes, Stars: Tom Tryon and Gloria Talbott, Runtime: 78 min)

A woman realizes after a year of marriage that her husband is really a space monster in disguise. The monster took the appearance of the man, Boll, the day before he was to marry his fiance Marge. Okay, so the film is about two things. The invasion which is about aliens who escaped a dying planet and need to find a way to have children. Its also about Gloria Talbott concerned with her husband and their marriage only to discover his secret but she can’t tell anyone (no one believes her) and she can’t escape. Its a solid film with strong performances from the two main leads. The film is played straight. Its a scifi thriller and a pretty good one even if the plot is similar to many invasion type films.


March 25th-La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet) from 1973 (Director: René Laloux, Writers: René Laloux and Roland Topor Based on Oms en série by Stefan Wul, Runtime: 71 min)

A scifi film about Oms (Humans) living on a planet of giant blue humanoids. Some are domesticated, others run wild and get exterminated. One Om, Terr, leaves domestication and helps wild Oms to survive. Yeah… Nice looking film. Interesting subject matter. Animation isn’t exactly fluid though. Still, on of those thought provoking scifi films. It was fine. Nice run time so it does not overstay its welcome.


1. Logan
2. Planet of the Apes (1968)
3. Flash Gordon
4. Kong: Skull Island
5. Pete’s Dragon (2016)
6. Power Rangers (2017)
7. Dragonslayer
8. Time After Time (1979)
9. Radioactive Dreams
10. Rock and Rule
11. Forbidden Planet
12. La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet)
13. Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
14. I Married a Monster from Outer Space
15. Stardust
16. Fantastic Voyage
17. Weird Science
18. I Come In Peace (aka Dark Angel)
19. Arcade
20. Deathstalker
21. Golden Voyage of Sinbad
22. Omega Man
23. The Sword and the Sorcerer
24. Sorceress
25. Wavelength
26. Nemesis

Week 1 , Week 2 , Week 3


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