Comics For April and For Beyond

All New Wolverine #19-Calling this the best Marvel book would be a lie because I don’t buy much of any Marvel. That said, this is a good book. Lets keep her Wolverine, screw the other guy.

Archie #19, Betty & Veronica #3-Archie is a blast and Betty & Veronica is good, when it comes out. This issue’s like 5 months late by the time it comes out.

Batwoman #2-The Rebirth special was… Okay? All I know is there is the possibility of Renee Montoya being supporting character and I’m in for that action. Love Renee.

Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #7, Doom Patrol #7-Cave Carson slipped past the cuts because of a dynamite issue… I think 5? Whatever it was good. Doom Patrol is now on hiatus so that order is getting canceled.

Deathstroke #16 & 17, Green Arrow #20 & 21, Wonder Woman #20 & 21-I’ve said it countless times, these 3 books are my favorite DC superhero titles. GA has lately been #3 but HEY! its still great. Deathstroke is getting moved to monthly which is a bit disappointing.

Detective Comics #954 & 955-Introducing my fourth favorite DC superhero title. Not counting Young Animals books. The title has been consistently good though I was confused if the entire League of Shadows is in this book since none of the issues listed a part 2. Weird oversight. Anyway the big sotry arcs been cool.

Empowered Soldier of Love #3, Empowered TP Vol 10-My favorite ongoing superhero title wraps up its run in April. Then in June I got the main course, volume 10. WHOOO! Since I get my packages weeks later I actually also ordered this on Tales of Wonder which, probably still won’t get soon enough… Empowered is the fucking best. You can read it for free at EmpoweredComic. Its serializing the entire main series (IDK about the specials yet) and is just wrapping up volume 2. Volume 3 is when it starts really getting good and volume 4 is when it becomes the best.

Gotham Academy Second Semester #8-Might be dropping soon…

Jem & The Holograms #26, Jem: The Misfits #5-Not happening in April as issues 24 of the main series is dropping and #4 of Misfits have not yet dropped. They want to wait for Misfits to end before they end Holograms. Expect a relaunch after some specials. Anyway, Misfits rule, Holograms suck.

Mother Panic #6-Favorite Young Animals book, 4th favorite DC superhero title. Okay… technically she’s not a hero and neither is Deathstroke but you get the point. Check out the newest masked vigilante of Gotham City.

Motor Crush #5, Motor Girl #5-Both excellent books. Crush is beautiful, Motor Girl is real good fun.

Old Guard #3-Issue 1 was great. But I really want Lazarus and Black Magick back, also written by Greg Rucka. Seriously there is no way he isn’t my favorite writer of 2017 with three image titles and Wonder Woman. Black Magick should be back in June, Lazarus… This month? sweet. Oh, one issue then Sourcebook 2 and then hiatus. I’m sure itll be a short hiatus. I forgot to order the Sourcebook though…

Paper Girls #13-A book I have mixed feelings about. I like parts of it but I’m not that into the cast which is effecting my enjoyment.

Shade The Changing Girl #7-Had to make cuts and this Young Animals book did not make it. A unique series, just not for me.

Silver Surfer #12-I guess the last issue that came out was #9, I can’t remember what happened in it. There are times where I love this book and other times I’m not feeling it and I guess the last issue or two follow into the later.

Superman #20 & 21-Yeah, good title.

Vampirella #2-This one is running only a few issues and I’m pretty sure the artists attitude is going to make it hard for him to get some work. The first issue was good. Or did I read a 0 issue? Whichever.

Wild Storm #3-Good first issue.

X-Men Blue #1 & 2-Hopefully Marvel can get its shit together and MAKE THE X-MEN GREAT AGAIN. Not holding my breath…

Sunstone Book 1-The Hardcover collection.


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