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Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. I’ve been busy (writing, reading, watching things, procrastinating, work). As such this, and my attempt at a Youtube Comic Vlog, have not been regularly updated. So I decided to do a quick review/run down on the podcasts I listen to.

ART OF WRESTLING: Pro-wrestler, comedian and actor was on the ground floor of podcasts, specifically in the world of professional wrestling. Started after being released from WWE Cabana’s podcast interviews wrestlers and personalities in the sport. They talk about training, getting into the industry, their journeys, and share stories. One of my favorite stories is about how Lance Storm and Hiroyoshi Tenzan were doing an excursion in Germany, neither spoke the language or each others language and were rooming together. Or listening to how Daffney Unger went from aspiring actress to the Scream Queen of WCW. This podcast is a great one if you are a wrestling fan. I jump in and out depending on the guest, which means I might miss some great stories. I also avoid the live recordings with multiple guests, sometimes they’re good sometimes shrug worthy. If you are not a wrestling fan, this podcast could give you an impression of the journey and sometimes struggles of wrestlers.

BIZARRE STATES: Only a few episodes into this and so far its okay. I started from the beginning and the format has been changing but the jist is they talk SPOOKY stuff. The first readers story episode was the last one I listened to and the best. A writer shared a haunting story which had a cameo from the famed Warrens from the Conjuring. I like the the two hosts but so far I can’t actually recommend this one.

CRIMETOWN: I’m four episodes into this true crime podcast about Providence, Rhode Island. The story follows several individuals including a mob boss, a lawyer turned mayor and a lot of other people. Including interviews and news clips form the people themselves. This is a deeply engaging podcast if you’re into organized crime. I still think about the one interview with a wiseguy who talks about being a D&D fan. Wow. The whole thing I believe is finished with them right now releasing bonus episodes.

HARRY POTTER AND THE SACRED TEXT: What if we read the books we love as if they were sacred texts? Both hosts have worked for Harvard Divinity School and bring a very fascinating read to the series. I’ve listened to the first two episodes, Book 1 Chapters 1-2, and I dig them. Especially the second chapter. If you like, or love, harry Potter you might want to give this one a listen. They are currently in the third book so I need to catch up.

HOLLYWOOD & CRIME: True crime fans have heard about the Black Dahlia murder but do they know that there was other other women murdered around the same time? This addictive podcast looks at the lesser known murders. Kicks off with a two parter about Georgette Bauerdorf whose murder is still unsolved. The first part was so good I went right into the second part. I’m up to episode 5, and episode 6 actually looks at the Black Dahlia. I slowed down realizing it was only 17 episodes so far. This one is good for fans of unsolved true crime stories.

HOW DID THIS GET MADE?: I’m not much for reviews. It has to be reviews that bring something different to the table. This one brings the comedy as Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas with friends as they talk “bad” films. Some they love, some the hate, but all get ripped apart. Sadly this, and several other podcasts, are behind paywalls so you can’t just scour all the choice selections. Thats the podcast business I guess. I really dug Con Air, Face/Off, Super Mario Brothers, Bloodsport, Surf Ninjas, Street Fighter, The Shadow, Birdemic, and so many more. The live stuff is overall the best. the crowds into it and its cool when the interact with them. Plus the Amazon 5 Star reviews have to be heard. One of my faves. I got into it super late so I’ve only scratched the surface.

JAY & MILES X-PLAIN THE X-MEN: The only comic book podcast I listen. Formerly known as Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, the pair do exactly that. They essentially summarize the important and noteworthy X-Men stories. I’m currently up into X-Men when Rachel Grey was with the team and them explaining New Mutants post Bill Sienkiewicz. Which means I’m a hundred episodes behind… Its a cool podcast if you are an X-Men fan and have not been in a position to have read a lot of classic X-Men and related works. it also introduces you to stories you may have missed, like a couple X-Men first class type series and runs. Sometimes guests appear and talk their contributions like Kurt Busiek explaining how the resurrection of Jean Grey developed. The group skip around sometimes but mostly it starts with the silver age, which they do skip through quickly to get to the All New, All Different era. If you like X-Men, try it out.

LORE: True life scary stories. Lore looks at real life crime, urban legends, scary stories, and hauntings. This is one that needs to be heard. I’m about half way through and loved the episodes on real vampires, Elizabeth Báthory, a creepy doll, an accused witch who refused to die, and more. This one by writer Aaron Mahnke is being made into a series on Amazon prime so expect to hear more sometime soon. Also, patreon users get extra mini episodes. I don’t donate (I’m broke! Most the time) so I can’t check them out.

MONSTER TALK: This one goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to 2009 and I descided to start from the beginning so I’m barely into it. Its a critical analysis of cryptozoology. Basically they talk monsters and why they don’t exist. I’ve listened to episodes on bigfoot, Loch Ness monster and werewolves. Its a fascinating podcast that delves into the science and mythology as well as talks about the hoaxes and creationists work in the field. I like it but not sure I’d recommend it unless skepticism of monsters is your thing.

MY FAVORITE MURDER: The popular comedy-true crime podcast. This one is divisive. The ladies do not do the research that other true crime podcasts do. They also can spend upwards to the first forty minutes going on about anything but true crime. I like it. The stories are diverse set. Not just serial killers but all sorts of interesting crimes and criminals. I found much interest in the story of Mary bell or the Zankou Chicken Murders. They are up there with Rameriz and Bundy. The thing that really pops are the hometown murders like one from a woman who was at a sleepover when the girl throwing the parties older brother murdered their dad. After several episodes they started mini episodes dedicated to them.

THE BLACK TAPES: This one is a scripted faux-documentary podcast. The first season of which came off as almost very real to the point where I was even google searching to find out if the people involved were real. The second season feel into a couple of predictable outcomes. Anyway, a journalist named Alex Reagan is looking into paranormal investigators which leads her to skeptic Dr. Stroud and his Black tapes, which have not been fully debunked. I listened to all of it in two days and despite the failings of season 2, its still really good. Season 3, the final season, should be happening later this year.

THE DOLLOP: Comedian Dave Anthony explains a piece of American history, or a story, to his friend. That’s the set up. I’ve only started and will be picking the podcasts based on topics but I’ve listened to one about Christian Purity Balls and Competitive Endurance Tickling. Its pretty amusing. Not high on the list of favorite podcasts.

FACULTY OF HORROR: Two academics analytical and research study of horror films. Its an impressive film podcast as the two female hosts dig deep into the works with lots of research and great commentary. I’ve listened to most the episodes, skipping a few with movies I either haven’t seen or have no interest in, and its made me give a second look to some films and discover Candyman. I also need to rewatch Black Christmas. Sadly its a once a month podcast so episodes don’t come as often as one would like. I’m sitting on the last two and waiting for the next before I even listen. Urban legends episode (about Candy Man and Urban Legend), the two parter looking at the four Alien films, the first episode with Halloween and Black Christmas, definitely Battle Royale and Gremlins are among some great episodes.

UP AND VANISHED: Almost caught up with this true crime podcast (not counting the mini episodes). This one follows documentary film maker Payne Lindsey who looks into the disappearance of Tara Grinstead. Its great because as he investigates, with the help a former investigator on the case, there was an actual break. truthfully, the stuff before the break was the best and most addictive. The stuff after has been good, just different as Payne digs into the new details. Really digging this one.

WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE: The popular scripted supernatural comedy podcast takes the form of community radio. Cecil lets you know whats going on in Night Vale from dinosaur attacks, the dog park no one is allowed to go into, the angels that live with Josie and more. This podcast one to listen to all in order. I’m only 40 episodes in and its very cool. Though I don’t have the desire to binge, I enjoy most the episodes. Some of which are incredibly creepy. Some more silly.

WOLF 359: Another scripted podcast. This one takes place on a space station. The cast is really only four people and the lead is kind of annoying. I listen to one a week, its pretty good. Yeah…

YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS: You like stories about celebrities of Hollywood? Classic Hollywood? Here you go. I’ve only listened to select episodes but I’ve been digging it. From the truth about Francis farmer to so-called box office poison Kay Francis to the cinephile love and love life of Madonna and Bogart before Bacall and Bacall after Bogart. This one is incredibly engaging. I have a ton saved to my computer including a series called Star Wars which I’m assuming details the battles certain stars fought. After that a whole lot tracking the notorious Manson Family. I might not be listening to them all but everyone so far has been gold.


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