31 Days 31 Days of Horror, Thrills & Supernatural: Week 3

Week two was an improvement and ended with a pair of Friday the 13th movies. But the formula wasn’t quite set yet. Also, there were six more films in the 80s. So there’s that and something else at the end.

October 15th-Friday the 13th Part III from 1982 (Director: Steve Miner, Writer: Martin Kitrosser and Carol Watson, Stars: Dana Kimmell, Paul Kratka and Richard Brooker, Runtime: 95 min)

The standard plot formula was set with the first film-kill camp counselors over a day. The second film adjusted to making Jason the killer and added cold open kills and made it known, any place with camp counselors-hell! Potential victims, will do. So here we are with the third film and whats the plot? Takes place after the first film and has two kills in the cold open. Then we find out not only was there a camp next to Crystal Lake, there’s a barn next to it too! So now we got potential victims. The ending is a retread of the ending from the first film with a little bit of difference, of course the whole film is just a retread. But Jason’s finally got size, a hockey mask, and sometimes uses a machete. Plus the kills are better. Isn’t this what we wanted? Its what I wanted! Also, cool to see Jason run and give chase. Random note, one of the actress was born on the say day and city as my brother. Wow!


October 16th-Friday the 13th: Final Chapter from 1984 (Director: Joseph Zito, Writer: Barney Cohenn, Runtime: 91 min)

The story gets thinner, kills get better. Seriously, what is even the plot. Jason wakes up form his long nap after the events of the previous film and kills two people. Then kills a hitchhiker just because. Theres a family and then a group of stupid adults who crash at the house across from them. More killing, less stalking. But it was silly fun. Maybe more fun then three. In fact, the films become stupider and better. I’m sure that wears off soon.


October 17th-Friday the 13th: A New Beginning from 1985 (Director: Danny Steinmann, Writer: Martin Kitrosser, David Cohen and Danny Steinmann Based on Story by Martin Kitrosser and David Cohen, Runtime: 92 min)

The films were building steam and then this happened. So, the young survivor from the last film goes to a half way house after years in a mental institution. He was twelve in part 4, here the actor was and looks in his twenties even though the film takes place 3-4 years later. Seriously, the fuck? Someones killing people, is it Jason? No. Spoiler alert. And I hope Pam slapped Tommy instead of getting stabbed in the end. Is Vague. Worse in the series? Or at least on the level of the first film. Note, look up the film franchises timeline. Fascinating and kind of funny.


October 18th-Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives from 1986 (Director/Writer: Tom McLoughlin, Runtime: 87 min)

Jason is back. So is Tommy Jarvis, third actor in the part and still doesn’t look as young as he’s suppose to be. Anyway, Jason’s resurrection is stupid but now he’s supernatural and the kills are great. There’s some good humor in the kills too. The story? Not so much. Characters? Who cares? This is just a silly fun slasher, bless its soul.


October 19th-Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood from 1988 (Director: John Carl Buechler, Writer: Manuel Fidello and Daryl Haney, Runtime: 88 min)

Jason for a telekinetic. That’s the gist of it. There’s a thing about her powers revealing as a child and accidentally killing her father. She returns to the lakehouse (at Crystal Lake of course) to work with her doctor. Teenage adults next door throwing party. Kane Hodder takes over as Jason, cool kills. A decent entry into the series.


October 20th-Friday the 13t Part VIIIh: Jason Takes Manhattan from 1989 (Director/Writer: Rob Hedden, Runtime: 100 min)

I’M ON A BOAT! Jason kills teenagers and adults on a boat for some reason. Including the future Lady Deathstrike/China White/Ro-May from the underrated Surf Ninjas actress Kelly Hu. Oh, and the future Sheriff Keller of Riverdale Martin Cummins. Jason spends maybe 20 minutes in Manhattan. Films a mixed bag, but some good stuff. Look, these Friday the 13th reviews get shorter because the direction is competent, the acting is mixed, the script barely matters. Its just about pacing and the kills. The only problem I can say is this, Jason improves as a character just as the plots get less and less interesting from entry to entry.


October 20th-John Carpenters’s Christine from 1983 (Director: John Carpenter, Screenplay: Bill Philips and Based on the Novel by Stephen King, Stars: Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul, and Harry Dean Stanton, Runtime: 110 min)

A nerdy guy decides to buy a broken down Plymouth against the wishes of his best friend and family. At a local garage he repairs it and as he does, his personality changes. The car, haunted by evil spirits, begins to go after the people who wronged its owner. The film looks good, it is John Carpenter after all. All the actors are very good. The kills and special effects are cool. Yet, the film feels like twenty minutes should have been shaven. The pacing just feels weird. Also, the opening in the auto factory was kind of dull. Like, how did that one worker die inside the car? Also, the bullies. Why are they such assholes? Whatever, film was pretty good.


1 Chopping Mall
2. Opera
3. Sleepaway Camp
4. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Part 4)
5. Friday the 13th Part 3
6. Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives!
7. John Carpenter’s Christine
8. Friday the 13th Part 7: New Blood
9. Critters
10. Lady in White
11. Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan
12. Friday the 13th Part 2
13. Friday the 13th, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (Part 5)
14. Tie: The Wraith, The Beyond
15. Tie: City of the Living Dead, The House by the Cemetery
16. Tie: Superstition, Hell Night
17. The Majorettes

Week 1, Week 2,


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