Quickie Reviews 7.4.18

TV-Westworld Season 2: Westworld is one of better cyberpunk stories I’ve seen around. Yeah, it fist the rough destination. Season 2 was in some ways a amrked improvement over season 1 and at the same time not as good. Episodes like Riddle of the Sphynx and Kikuaya were among the best of the entire show. The visit to Shogun World and increased presences of certain characters were great. Yet season one just felt better as an overall work. Especially the big ending for season 2 fell flat most the time, with some overly complicated nonsense. Still-good stuff.

TV-Luke Cage Season 2: Season 1 was great though I understand why some people had problems with it. I also agree these Netflix Marvel shows could use an episode trim. Now going into season 2 I was worried because half of daredevil 2 was awful and Jessica Jones season 2 was frustrating and made everyone unlikable at the end. Cage however came through with the best season 2 and possibly a better season than 1? Downside is that Luke is less interesting the middle section but luckily Mariah Stokes, Shades, and Bushmaster are there. Also, Iron Fist wasn’t annoying! So thanks. Now cut these shows down to 10 episodes.

TV-GLOW Season 2: At first I thought, season 1 was better. But after a few days, season 2 is an improvement. If you liked/loved GLOW season 1 you are going to love this season. Especially with the expanded role of Kia Stevens (who is in the best episode) as well as more developments for other ladies outside Alison Brie or Betty Gilpin. Everyone is great, there’s great storylines happening, and its an engaging series. It also never makes fun of wrestling which is important to me as a wrestling fan. This show is one of the best comedy (dramedy?) and sometimes I’m sad at how the show seems short. Give me less Netflix/Marvel epsiodes and more Netflix/GLOW episodes. Or not… Eiether way, short list of favorite show this year.

Movie-Tomb Raider: How does a movie with such a great cast and ideas become boring? Lara doesn’t do a lot of tomb raiding and so the film takes too long to kick into gear. We get some good stuff with Alicia Vikander as Lara. I dug the cameo by Nick Frost and liked his Into the Badlands partner Daniel Wu. Still, not enough action really hurts the film. Too bad.

Book-I’m Thinking About Ending Things: Picked this up at LA Book fair. It was short and had a lot of quotes about the great the book is. It never hooked me at the start and when that happens I usually quit but I stuck with it. Which means reading a few pages every other day or so. Anyway… What was this about again? An unnamed woman on a road trip with her boyfriend who is thinking about ending things and become a psychological thriller. Yeah… Okay… I didn’t care.


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