Reads: Meddling Kids

Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero, Published in 2017, 336 pgs

Third novel of the year in my effort to “read more” (I don’t know why I did he quotations. Just felt right I guess). This time out a trio of adults who once belonged to the the Blyton Summer Detective Club reunite as adults. There was a total four kids and a dog and they solved mysteries ala Scooby Doo gang or Famous Five (created by Enid Blyton). Their last mission had them stop a man in a rubber costume but it turns out he was just a piece of the overall mystery. The real mystery was never solved and involved real supernatural. Over a decade later Andrea (she prefers Andy), Kerri, her dog Tim (grand son of their original dog partner), and cousin Nate reunite. Their former partner Peter committed suicide years previously in spite of having a successful career as a Hollywood star.

The book is broken up into parts. Reuniting the three, road trip, and the proceeding investigation into monsters and the Debon manor. This includes teaming up with the current sheriff, who was a deputy at the time of the original investigation. Crazy Al, formerly Captain Al, a military veteran who helped them out. And Joey, once time bully trying his best to help.

So… Okay, this book starts strong, lags in the middle, picks up. However Scooby Doo with the necronomicon is something that I have to recommend for the type of audience into that. Which I kind of am. So I dug it. The mystery itself is interesting for the most part, though drags a little in the reveal but ultimately it’s a solid whodoneit. The handling of magic is pretty generic but effective. I like the back and forth of the three leads. The relationship between Andy and Kerri is the centerpiece and it kind of goes predictably but the characters are so good you let it slide. Nate is interesting with his struggles and enjoyed the fact paperbacks helped him know about the supernatural and the necronomicon. Some of the structure is a little weird with stage direction or forgoing prose for stage writing like “sentence,” Kerri said to Kerri: sentence.

So, basically, this was good. Much more fun than the previous two books. So check it out. I think its worth your time.

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