31 Days of Film in January 2020-Links, Rankings, & Stats

This was an odd month because I gave more movies less then 3 stars then maybe any previous month. Definitely more under 2½ stars then usual. But a 5 star flick and three just under, several four stars. Mixed in with not going to insane in the number of films I’ve watched, so January averaged under my January 2019 original score of 3.15. Though that overall went up to 3.29 so lets see how I feel about this crop of movies in a few months. Till then, here are the stats.

Top 10 for January
1. An American in Paris
2. The Lady Hermit
3. Family (2018)
4. Experiment in Terror
5. Class of 1984*
6. Underwater
7. Mission: Impossible-Fallout*
8. Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation*
9. Trading Places
10. Mystery Street


Worst Film For January
Raw Force

Films Watched This Month
45 Total
36 New
9 Rewatch

Average Star Rating Based On My Letterboxd Ratings: 3.13 out of 5

New Years 2019 vs New Years 2020
Citizen Kane 5 out of 5 / Blackboard Jungle 3.5 out of 5 & Class of 1984 4 out of 5

MLK Day 2019 vs MLK Day 2020
The Philadelphia Story 5 out of 5 / The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms 2.5 out of 5 & Things To Come 2 out of 5

January Weekly Reviews
Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5


Previous Months Links, Rankings & Stats
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By The Numbers
This Is An Incomplete List
All Names Are Actors Unless Otherwise Noted
Includes Archival Footage-Clips of a film with an actor were used in another film. For example, James Cagney movie plays in Fade to Black and are used as story elements in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

Twenty-Six Films: Cedric Ribbons (Production Design)

Twenty-Four Films: Bess Flowers (Queen of Extras), Edith Head (Costume/Wardrobe),

Twenty Films: Alfred Hitchcock (Master of Suspense),

Nineteen Films: Cary Grant (Includes Archival Footage), Lyle R. Wheeler (Production Design),

Eighteen Films: Jean Harlow,

Seventeen Films: Adrian (Costume/Wardrobe),

Sixteen Films:Humphrey Bogart (Includes Archival Footage), Franz Waxman (Composer),

Fourteen Films: Mel Berns (Make-Up), Ben Hecht (Writer), Cyril J. Mockride (Composer), Wally Westmore (Make-Up),

Thirteen Films: Perc Westmore (Make-Up),

Eleven Films: Irene (Costume/Wardrobe), Orry-Kelly (Costume/Wardrobe), Joan Crawford (Includes Archival Footage), Bela Lugosi, Max Steiner (Composer), James Stewart,

Ten Films: John Carradine, Roger Corman (Director/Actor), Clark Gable, Howard Hawks (Director), Eugene Joseff (Costume/Wardrobe), Boris Karloff, Marilyn Monroe, Alfred Newman (Composer), Ben Nye (Make-Up), Jack P. Pierce (Make-Up),

Nine Films: Mario Bava (Director/Writer/Cinematography), Ward Bond, Jack Carson, Gino Corrado, Henry Fonda, Carole Lombard, Dick Miller, Bert Moorhouse, Hal Pereira (Production Design), Vincent Price (Includes Archival Footage),

Eight Films: Lucien Ballard (Cinematographer), Ralph Bellamy, George Cukor (Director), Bette Davis (Includes Archival Footage), Arthur Edeson (Cinematography), Jules Furthman (Writer), Stephen King (Novelist), Charles Lang (Cinematographer), Fritz Lang (Director/Writer), Michael Mark, Van Nest Polglase (Production Design), Harold Rosson (Cinematographer), Miklos Rozsa (Composer), Arthur Tovey, Travilla (Costumes), Vera West (Costume/Wardrobe), Billy Wilder (Director/Writer),

Seven Films: Colleen Atwood (Costume/Wardrobe), Lionell Atwill, Lauren Bacall, James Cagney (Including Archival Footage), Louis Calhern, Leo G. Carroll, Carroll Clark (Production Design), Hugo Friedhofer (Composer), Porter Hall, Theresa Harris, Colin Kenny, Ted J. Kent (Editor), Norman Krasna (Writer), Milton Krasner (Cinematography), John Leipold (Composer), Doris Lloyd, Peter Lorre, Daniel Mandell (Editor), Frank McLure, Ray Milland (Includes Archival Footage), Franklin Pangborn, John Qualan, Ving Rhames, Dorothy Spencer (Editor), Bert Stevens, Jean Claude Van Damme, Roy Webb (Composer),

Six Films: Edward Arnold (Includes Archival Footage), Mary Astor, William Axt (Composer), Martin Balsam, William Bendix, Wade Boteler, Walter Brennan, Robert Burks (Cinematography), Lon Chaney Jr., Spencer Charters, Charles Coburn, Elisha Cook Jr, Tom Cruise, Jack Dawn (Make-Up), William Demarest, Pat Flaherty, Leland Fuller (Production Design), Edward Gargan, Lee Garmes (Cinematography), Ernesto Gastaldi (Writer), Charles D. Hall (Production Design), Ernest Haller (Cinematography), Charles Halton, Audrey Hepburn, Holmes Herbert, Edward Everett Horton, James Wong Howe (Cinematography), John Huston (Director/Writer), Ray June (Cinematography), George Kennedy, Charles Lane, Jean Louis (Costume/Wardrobe), Ernst Lubitsch (Director), Joseph MacDonald (Cinematography), Strother Martin, Rudolph Maté (Cinematography/Director), Hattie McDaniel, Una Merkal, Eugene Pallette, Gregory Peck, Edgar Allan Poe (Writer/Inspiration), Edmond O’Brien, Heinz Roemheld (Composer), Ginger Rogers, Sylvia Sidney, Barbara Steele, Harry Stradling Sr. (Cinematography), Frank Sullivan (Editor), Ted Tetzlaff (Cinematography), Gene Tierney, Spencer Tracy, Norma Varden, Joseph Walker (Cinematography), James Whale (Director),

Five Films: Wesley Addy, Dana Andrews, Gertrude Astor, Irving Bacon, Frank Baker, William Benedict, Charles Bennett (Writer), Elmer Bernstein (Composer), Billy Bevan, Marlon Brando, George Chandler, Jimmy Conlin, Jack Conway (Director), Harry Cording, Jeff Corey, Marcel Dailo, William H. Daniels (Cinematography), IAL Diamond (Writer), Ann Doran, Mary Field, George J. Folsey (Cinematography), Glenn Ford, Stuart Freeborn (Make-Up), Dwight Frye, Steven Geray, Charley Grapwin, Leigh Harline (Composer), Harry Hayden, Rita Hayworth, Katherine Hepburn, Bernard Herrmann (Composer), James Wong Howe (Cinematography), Samuel L. Jackson, Isabel Jewell, Henry Jones (Archival Footage Included), Roscoe Karns, Alan Ladd (Includes Archival Footage), Veronica Lake (Includes Archival Footage), Elsa Lanchester, Charles Laughton (Actor/Director/Includes Archival Footage), Charles Lederer (Writer), John Litel, Arthur Loft, Myrna Loy, Anita Loos (Writer), Barton MacLane, John Lee Mahin (Writer), Raymond Massey, Edwin Maxwell, Matt McHugh, Torben Meyer, Vicente Minnelli (Director), Thomas Mitchell, Robert Mitchum, Ennio Morricone (Composer), Barboura Morris, Alan Mowbray, Nicholas Musuraca (Cinematography), Lionel Newman (Composer), Robert Emmett O’Connor, Una O’Connor, Moroni Olsen, Garry Owen, Nat Pendleton, Jack Pennick, Walter Plunkett (Costumes), Sol Polito (Cinematography), William Powell, Tyrone Power, Andre Previn (Composer), Claude Rains, Thelma Ritter, George Robinson (Cinematography), Sig Ruman, Jeff Sayre, Arthur P. Schmidt (Editor), John F. Seitz (Editor), Blanche Sewell (Editor), Leon Shamroy (Cinematography), Jo Swerling (Writer), Dimitri Tiomkin (Composer), George Tomasini (Editor), Fred ‘Snowflake’ Toones, Jacques Tourneur (Director), Geoffrey Unsworth (Cinematography), Ellinor Vanderveer, Robert Warwick, John Wayne, Ferris Webster (Editor), Richard Widmark, John Williams (The Actor Not The Composer), Chill Wills, Robert Wise (Director/Editor/Sound Design), Victor Young (Composer),

Four Films: Frank Albertson, Murray Alper, John Alton (Cinematography/Director), Morris Ankrum, Eve Arden, Dario Argento (Director/Writer), George Axelrod (Writer), Stuart Baird (Editor), George Bassman (Composer), George Barnes (Cinematograhy), John Barry (Composer), Don Beddoe, Gordon Bau (Make-Up), Les Baxter (Composer), Ned Beatty, Louis Beavers, Brooks Benedict, Bruce Bennett, Marjorie Bennett, Ingrid Bergman, Charles Bernstein (Composer), Kent Beyda (Editor), Clara Blandick, Joan Blondell, Eric Blore, Rudy Bond, Beaulah Bondi, Egon Brecher, Charles Bronson, W.R. Burnett (Writer), Frank Capra (Director), Bernie Casey, Mae Clarke, James B. Clark (Editor), EE Clive, Ann Codee, Claudette Colbert, Joyce Compton, Gary Cooper, Alec Craig, Laird Cregar, Floyd Crosby (Cinematography), Jack Curtis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Curtiz (Director), Jane Darwell, Doris Day, Ted De Corsia, Hubert De Givenchy (Costumes), Richard Deacon, Andy Devine, Adolph Deutsch (Composer), Robert Di Niro, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Dixon, Ruth Donnelly, Jay Dratler (Writer), Dan Duryea, Danny Elfman (Composer), Frank Ferguson, Victor Fleming (Director), John Ford (Director), Wallace Ford, Lance Fuller, Oliver H.P. Garrett (Writer), Jeff Goldblum, Mary Gordon, Lawrence Grant, Robert Grieg, Pam Grier, Charles B. Griffith (Writer), Moses Gunn, Russell Harlan (Cinematography), Sam Harris, Joan Harrison (Writer), Forrester Harvey, Paul Harvey, Gene Havlick (Editor), William Holden, Miriam Hopkins, John Hoyt, Paul Hurst, Olaf Hytten, Howard Jackson (Composer), Carolyn Jones, Fred J. Koenekamp (Cinematography), Henry Kolker, Stanley Kubrick (Director/Writer/Producer), Joseph LaShelle (Cinematography), Ernest Laszlo (Cinematography), Philip H. Lathrop (Cinematography), Anna Lee, Christopher Lee (with Archive footage), Ernest Lehman (Writer), William Levanway (Editor), Gene Lockhart, Otho Lovering (Editor), Dolph Lundgren, Ida Lupino, Fred MacMurray (Includes Archival Footage), Owen Marks (Editor), Hugh Marlowe, Mae Marsh, Chris-Pin Martin, Joel McCrea, Roddy McDowall, Adolphe Menjou, Russell Metty (Cinematographer), Grant Mitchell, Dickie Moore, Frank Morgan,Noel Neil, Daria Nicolodi, Robert Emmett O’Connor, Ann O’Neal, Anna Q. Nilsson, Reginald Owen, Jack Palance, Inez Palange, Lee Patrick, Simon Pegg, Dorothy Peterson, William Prince, Merrill Pye (Production Design), George Raft, Tony Randall, Ivan Rassimov, Gene Raymond, May Robson, Hayden Rorke, Joseph Ruttenberg (Cinematography), Walter Sande, George Sanders, Erskine Sanford, Lalo Schifrin (Composer), Mario Serandrei (Editor), Harry Shannon, Ann Sheridan, Curt Siodmark (Writer), Frank Skinner (Composer), Howard St. John, Barbara Stanwyck (Includes Archival Footage), Larry Steers, Donald Ogden Stewart (Writer), Lewis Stone, Woody Strode, Preston Sturges (Director/Writer), Dub Taylor, Ubaldo Terzano (Cinematography), Gregg Toland (Cinematography), Franchot Tone, Robert Townsend, Edgar G. Ulmer (Director/Production Design/Costumes), Joseph A. Valentine (Cinematography), H.B. Warner, Paul Weatherwax (Editor), Richard Webb, Bud Westmore (Make-Up), Larry Wheat, Ernest Whitman, Florence Wix, Will Wright, William Wyler, Kennan Wynn, Nedrick Young,

Three Films: Dorothy Adams, Robert Aldrich (Director), Henri Alekan, Kirk Alyn, Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson, Richard Anderson, Fred Astaire,Fay Bainter, Lucille Ball, George Bancroft, Bobby Barber, George Barbier, Don Barclay, Harry Barris, Lionel Barrymore, Billy Barty, Angela Bassett, Louise Beavers, Wallace Beery, Lionel Belmore, Gregg Berger, Ted Billings, Whit Bissell, Oliver Blake, Monte Blue, Sammy Blum, Sydney Boehm (Writer), Lilian Bond, Ernest Borgnine, Willis Bouchey, Charles Brackett, Neville Brand, Edward Bredell (Cinematography), George Brent, Felix Bressart, Al Bridge, Richard Brooks (Writer), Clarence Brown, Barbara Brown, Robert Brown, Tod Browning (Director), Sidney Buchman (Writer), Billie Burke, Frederick Burton Tim Burton (Director/Art Design), Stephen H. Burum (Cinematographer), David Buttolph (Composer), Spring Byington, Frank Cady, James M. Cain (Writer), Leonard Carey, Milton Carruth (Editor), Walter Catlett, Nora Cecil, Raymond Chandler (Novelist/Screenwriter), Don Cheadle, Candy Clark, Matt Clark, Wallis Clark, Dora Clement, Ruth Clifford, Chester Clute, Tony Curtis, David Clyde, Emmett Cogan, Ray Collins, Chester Conklin, Sean Connery, Frank Conroy, Albert Conti, Ellen Corby, Maurice Costello, Joseph Cotton, George Coulouris, Hazel Court, Brian Cox, Jack E. Cox (Cinematohraphy), Charles Crichton (Director/Editor), John Cromwell (Director), Hume Cronyn, Henry Daniell, Linda Darnell, Harry Davenport, Delmer Daves (Writer), Geena Davis, Anthony Dawson, Olivia De Havilland, Gustavo De Nardo, Brian De Palma (Director), Frank De Vol (Composer), Albert Dekker, Rob Delaney, William Demarest, Richard Denning, Harry Depp, Bruce Dern, Eddie Dew, Jacqueline DeWit, Jean Dixon, Richard Donner (Director), Kirk Douglas (Includes Archival Footage), Melvyn Douglas, Elspeth Dudgeon, George Duning (Composer), Julius and Philip Epstein (Writer), Leif Erickson, Edith Evanson, Tom Ewell, Antonio Fargas, William Faulkner (Writer), Adrienne Fazan (Editor), Don Fellows, Rebecca Ferguson, Giancarlo Ferrando (Conematography), Charles Fleischer, Ian Fleming (Novelist), Rhonda Fleming, John Fiedler, Hugh S. Fowler (Editor), Franco Fraticelli (Editor), Paul Frees, William Gargan, Beverly Garland, Judy Garland, Spencer Garrett, Juan Gaspard, Bruce Geller (Writer), John George, Merritt B. Gerstad (Cinematography), Michael Giacchino (Composer), Stuart Gilmore (Editor), James Gleason, John Glover, Gloria Grahme, Charles Gross Jr. (Editor), Clu Gulager, Edmund Gwenn, Sara Haden, Jean Hagen, Karl Hajos (Composer), Jonathon Hale, Murray Hamilton, Mark Hanna (Writer), Cedric Hardwicke, Hugo Hass (Director/Writer/Actor), Sterling Hayden, John Michael Hayes (Writer), Margaret Hayes, Patrica Hayes, Jonathan Haze, John Heldabrand, Fay Helm, Tom Helmore, Darryl Hickman, Howard C. Hickman, Sidney Hickox (Cinematography), Jack Hill (Director), Paul Hirsh (Editor), Leyand Hodgson, Edmund Holding (Writer and Director), Friedrich Hollaender (Composer), Tom Holland (Director/Writer), Tim Holt, John Houseman, Olin Howland, Brandon Hurst, Walter Huston, Leila Hyams, Warren Hymer, Clifton James, Maurice Jarre (Composer), Allen Jenkins, Scarlett Johansson, Nunnally Johnson (Writer), Russell Johnson, Victor Julian, Bert Glennon (Cinematography), Mary Gordon, Roy Gordon, Garson Kanin, Bernhard Kaun (Composer), Elia Kazan (Director), Brian Keith, Cecil Kellaway, Barry Kelley, Mike Kellin, Gene Kelly, Grace Kelly, Tom Kennedy, June Kenney, Erle C. Kenton (Director), Hal C. Kern (Editor), Donald Kerr, Guy Kibbee, Margot Kidder, Nicole Kidman, Aron Kincaid, Clarence Kolster (Editor), Rudolph G. Kopp (Composer), Alma Kruger, Harry Kurnitz (Writer), Marc Lawrence, Richard Lawson, Chris Lebenzon, Janet Leigh, Jack Lemmon, Louis Levy (Composer), Joseph H. Lewis (Director), John Lithgow, Louis R. Loeffler (Editor), Lionel London (Cinematography), Herbert Lom, Ray Lovejoy (Editor), Michael Luciano (Editor), Sidney Lumet (Director), George Lynn, Donald MacBride, Matty Malneck (Composer), Marjorie Main, Wally Maher, Henry Mancini (Composer), Johnny Mandell (Composer), Joseph L. Mankiewicz (Writer), Hank Mann, Frederic March, Frances Marion (Writer), Herbert Marshall, Archie Marshek (Editor), Grouco Marx, Lois Maxwell, Mike Mazurki, Leo McCarthy (Director/Writer), John McGiver, Butterfly McQueen, Edward McWade, Harriet Medin, Beryl Mercer, John J. Mescall (Cinematography), John Miljin, Kristine Miller, Hayley Mills, Victor Milner (Cinematography), Dan Mindel (Cinematography), Michelle Monaghan, Jack Montgomery, Cleo Moore, Andre Morell, Adrian Morris, Charles R. Moore, Clarence Muse, J. Carroll Nash, James E. Newcom (Editor), William Newell, Alfred Newman (Composer), Jack Nicholson, Bruno Nicolai (Composer), Roberto Nicolosi (Composer), Marni Nixon, Alex North (Composer), Edgar Norton, Pat O’Brien, Maureen O’Hara, Frank Orth, Maria Ouspenskaya, Rick Overton, Frank Oz, Dorothy Parker (Writer), Elizabeth Patterson, Robert Paynter (Cinematography), Georges Perinal (Cinematography), Anthony Perkins, Otto Perminger (Director), Nehemiah Persoff, Irving Pichel, Luciano Pigozzi, Franz Planer (Cinematography), Donald Pleasence, Christopher Plummer, John Posey, Denver Pyle, Samson Raphaelson (Writer), Gregory Ratoff, John Ratzenberger, Paula Raymond, Jeremy Renner, Leoda Richards, John Ridgely, Massimo Righi, Roy Roberts, William Roberts (Writer), Hugh A. Robertson (Editor), Howard Emmett Rogers (Writer), Donald R. Rondell, Richard Roundtree, Deep Roy, Mark Ruffalo, Kurt Russell, Carlo Rustichelli, Tim Ryan, Waldo Salt (Writer), Hans J. Salter (Composer), Telly Savalas, Joe Sawyer, Sauro Scavolini (Writer), Palo Schifrin (Composer), Gus Schilling, Lizabeth Scott, Ralph Von Seyffertitz, Dan Seymour, Anita Sharp-Bolster, Jack Sholder (Director/Editor), Leo Shunken (Composer), Henry Silva, Jay Silverheels, Robert L. Simpson, Russell Simpson, Frank Sinatra, C. Aubrey Smith, Leonard Spigelgass (Writer), Terrance Stamp, Lionel Stander, Wyndham Standing, Rod Steiger, Ronald Stein (Composer), Henry Stephenson, Josef Von Sternberg (Director), George Stevens (Director), Patrick Stewart, George E. Stone, Harold J. Stone, Herbert Stothart (Composer), Glenn Strange, Donald Sutherland, Julius Tannen, Holland Taylor, Philip Tonge, Regis Toomey, Leo Tover (Cinematography), Arthur Tovey, William Tracy, Henry Travers, Claire Trevor, Dalton Trumbo (Writer), Burnell Tucker, Brian Tyler (Composer), Tom Tyler, Alida Valli, Lee Van Cleef, John Vernon (includes Archival Footage), Bruno VeSota (Actor/Writer), Christopher Walken, Walter Walker, Eli Wallach, Raoul Walsh (Director), Edward Ward (Composer), Rachel Ward, David Wayne, Damon Waynes, Mel Welles, Pat West, O.Z. Whitehead, Cornel Wilde, John Williams (Composer), Shelley Winters, Ian Wolfe, John Wray, Christopher Young (Composer), Robert Young, William H. Zeigler,

Two Films: Ann-Margret, Walter Abel, JJ Abrams (Director/Writer), Enrique Acosta, Eddie Acuff, Brooke Adams, Eddie Albert, John Alcott (Cinematography), Fred Aldrich, Scott Alexander (Writer), Maxine Alexandre (Cinematography), Nancy Allen, Don Ameche, Leon Ames, Arthur Anderson, Mary Anderson, Judith Anderson, Stanley Andrews, Heather Angel, Edward Anhalt (Writer), Evelyn Ankers, Franesca Annis, George Antheil (Composer), Maurice Argent, Arthur A. Arling (Cinematography), Jean Arthur, Dorothy Arzner (Director), Roscoe Ates, Edith Atwater, Georges Auric (Composer), Leah Ayers, Dan Aykroyd (Actor/Writer), Lew Ayres, Jim Backus, Diane Baker, Joe Don Baker, Lynn Baggett, Raymond Bailey, Alec Baldwin, Ann Bancroft, Elizabeth Banks (Actor/Director/Writer), Raymond J. Barry, John Barrymore, George Barton, Walter Bason, Albert Bassermann, Jacob Batalon, Tyler Bates (Composer), Hubert Bath (Composer), L. Frank Baum (Novelist), David Baxt, Barbara Bel Geddes, Janet Beecher, Ed Begley, Hank Bell, James Bell, Marco Beltrami (Composer), Robert Benchley, Annette Bening, Robert Russell Bennet (Composer), Sally Benson (Writer), Henry Berman (Editor), Clem Bevans, Roger Beverly, Lynette Bernay, Alberto Bevilacqua (Writer), A.I. Bezzerides (writer), Theodore Bikel, Peter Billingsley, Herman Bing, Robert Bischoff, Folmer Blangsted (Editor), Maryann Brandon (Editor), Steve Brodie, Ole Bratt Birkeland (Writer), Joseph F. Biroc (Cinematography), Jacqueline Bisset, Larry J. Blake, Ronee Blakely, Betty Blythe, George Boemler (Editor), Beaulah Bondi, Nancy Borgenicht, Matthew Boulton, George Bowers (Editor), George Bowler (Editor), Lee Bowman, Charles Boyer, Lovyss Bradly, Leigh Brackett (writer), Charles Bradshaw (Composer), Jocelyn Brando, Maryann Brandon (Editor), Elwood Bredell (Cinematography), David Bretherton (Editor), Helen Broderick, Norbert Brodine (Cinematography), Adam Brody, James Brolin, Hilary Brooke, Leslie Brooks, Charles D. Brown, Peter Brown, Mae Bruce, Nigel Bruce, Horst Buchholz, Jan Buckingham, Victor Buono, Joe Burke, Raymond Burr, Norman Burton, Tony Burton, Francis X. Bushman Jr., W.R. Burnett (Writer),Dan Butler, James Caan, Susan Cabot, John Call, Malcolm Campbell (Editor), Charles Cane, Truman Capote (Writer), Hoagy Carmichael, Morris Carnovsky, Jack Carr, Anthony Carras (Editor), Lynn Cartwright, Antony Caruso, Claire Carleton, John Carpenter (Director/Writer/Composer/Editor), Maeline Carroll, Frances Carson, William Castle (Director), Wheaton Chamers, Park Chan-wook (Director/Writer), George Chandler, Edward Chapman, Lilyan Chauvin, Lita Chevret, Agatha Christie (Novelist/Stage Writer), Ken Christy, Chung Chung-hoon (Cinematography), Eduardo Ciannelli, Al Clark (Editor), Bob Clark (Director/Writer), Fred Clark, James B. Clark (Editor), Marlene Clark, Mae Clarke, Curtiss Clayton (Editor), John Cleese, Colin Clive, Anne V. Coates (Editor), Lee J. Cobb, James Coburn, Lenore J. Coffee, Larry Cohen (Director/Writer), Tom Coleman, Heine Conklin, William Collier Jr., Derek Connolly (Writer), Walter Connolly, Russ Conway, Tom Conway, Donald Cook, Elisha Cook Jr., Charles Cooper, Gladys Cooper, Jeane Cooper, Melville Cooper, Maxine Cooper, Tex Cooper, Wendell Corey, Valentina Cortese, Mariclae Costello, Jospeh Cotton, Inez Courtney, Jerome Cowan, Tony Cox, David Cronenberg (Director/Actor), Edward Cronjager (Cinematography), Bing Crosby, Billy Crudup, Robert Cummings, Peggy Cummins, Edward Curtis, Sidney Cutner (Composer), Charles Cyphers, Henry Czerny, Howard Da Silva, Mark Dacascos, Willen Dafoe, Royal Dano, Joe Dante, Sonia Darrin, William B. Davidson, William Davis, Laraine Day, Jules Dassin (Director), Jean De Briac, Robert De Grasse (Cinematography), Buck DeMaggio (Editor), Andre De Toth, Viña Delmar (Writer), Nick Dennis, Reginald Denny, Danny DeVito, Brad Dextor, Khigh Dhiegh, Dante DiPaolo, Dick Dickinson, Robert Emmett Dolan (Composer), Arturo Dominici, Pino Donaggio (Composer), Illeana Douglas, Sarah Douglas, Doris Dowling, Cathy Downs, Robert Downey Jr., Betsy Drake (Actor/Writer), Bob Ducsay (Editor), Howard Duff, Tommy Duggan, Margaret Dumont, Faye Dunaway, Emma Dunn, Michael J. Duthie (Editor), Robert Duvall, Shelley Duvall, Clint Eastwood, Blaoe Edwards (Director), James Edwards, Robert S. Eisen (Editor), Jack Elam, John Eldridge, James Ellison, Isobel Elsom, John Emery, Fern Emmett, Emilio Estevez, Estelle Etterre, Chris Evans, Rex Evans, Daniel L. Fapp (Cinematorgraphy), Francis Edward Faragoh (Writer), Dennis Farina, Nat Faxon, Rudi Fehr (Editor), Edwige Fenech, Gabriele Ferzetti, Verna Fields (Editor), Laurence Fishburne, Steve Fisher (Writer), Barry Fitzgerald, Paul Fix, Joe Flood, Elizabeth Flourney, George Buck Flower, Nina Foch, George J. Foley (Cinematography), Marcello Fondato (Writer), Joan Fontaine, John Taintor Foote (Writer), Luis Forbes (Composer), Mary Forbes, Francis Ford, Gleen Ford, Sally Forrest, Robert Forster, Romana Fortini (Editor), Byron Foulger, Almeda Fowler, Michael J. Fox, Scott Frank (Writer), Benjamin Franke (Composer), Christopher Franke (Composer), John Frankenheimer (Director), Bert Freed, Helen Freeman, Charles Frend (Editor), Gerald Fried (Composer), Edward Furlong, Lowell Ganz, Reginald Gardiner, Ava Gardner (Includes Archival Footage), Tay Garnett (Director), John Gavin, Ernest L. Glesey (Writer), Gladys George, Frank Gerstle, John Gieguld, Billy Gilbert, Tom Gilmore, Vaughan Glaser, Ned Glass, Scott Glenn, Willis Goldbeck (Writer), Mark Goldblatt (Editor), William Goldenberg (Editor), Jerry Goldsmith (Composer), Lisa Golm, Minna Gomball, Eiza Gonzalez, Gavin Gordon, Gordon and Mildred Gordon (Writers), Walter Gotell, David Goyer (Writer), Betty Grable, Richard E. Grant, Colleen Gray, Jack Dylan Grazer, Clarence Greene (Writer), Grahme Greene (Writer), W. Howard Greene (Cinematography), Sydney Greenstreet, James Gregory, Ethel Griffies, Kathy Griffin, Greg Grunberg, Harry Guardino, Burnett Guffey (Cinematography), Luis Guzman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Greta Gynt, Robert Haines, Alan Hale, Victor Halperin (Director), Eddie Hamilton (Editor), Margaret Hamilton, William Hamilton (Editor), Dashiel Hammett (Novelist), Nicholas Hammond, Lumsden Hare, W. Franke Harling (Composer), Rand Harper, Julie Harris, Marilyn Harris, Sean Harris, Rex Harrison, Henry Hathaway (Director), Rutger Hauer, Martha Hayer, Allison Hayes, Eileen Heckart, Dan Hedaya, David Hemmings, Lance Henrickson, Brian Tyree Henry, Buck Henry, Michael Herz (Director), Werner R. Heymann (Composer), Remy Hii, Walter Hill (Director/Writer), Brent Hinkley, Hsiao Ho, Monckton Hodge (Writer), Samuel Hoffenstein, Kristin Holby, Hope Holiday, Judy Holliday, Earl Holliman, John Hollis, Celeste Holm, Jack Holt, Mark Holton, Oskar Homolka, Anthony Hopkins, Bo Hopkins, Lena Horne, James Horner (Composer), Djimon Hounsou, Leslie Howard, Ron Howard (Director/Actor), Rochelle Hudson, Rock Hudson, Ken Hughes (Director), Frank E. Hull (Editor), Henry Hull, Alan Hume (Cinematography), Chiu Hung, Holly Hunter, Peter Hyams (Cinemtography/Director), Wilifred Hyde-White, Eugene Iglesias, Rex Ingram, Michael Ironside, Robert Ito, Paul Ivano (Cinematography), Brion James, Gladden James, Elton John (Singer/Actor), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dean Jones, Freddie Jones, Grace Jones, Darwin Joston, Nathan H. Juran (Director/Writer), Lampros Kalfuntzos, MacKinley Kantor (Writer), Bronislau Kaper (Composer), Larry Karaszewski (Writer), Boris Kaufman (Cinematography), Lloyd Kaufman (Director/Writer), Edward Keane, Camille Keaton, Michael Keaton, Nancy Kelly (Archival Footage Included), Steven Kemper (Editor), Arthur Kennedy, Ken Kercheval, Jerome Kern (Composer), Deborah Kerr, Frederick Kerr, Charles Kevin (Composer), Evelyn Keyes, Gary B. Kibbe (Cinematography), Udo Kier, Richard Kiley, Patrick Kilpatrick, Aton Kincaid, Tony King, Leonid Kinsky, Vanessa Kirby, Werner Klemperer, Bernard Knowles (Cinematography), Patric Knowles, Clarence Kolb, Carl Kress (Editor), Otto Krueger, Jack Kruschen, Sho Kosugi, Nancy Kyes, John La Mesurier, Jack La Rue, Hedy Lamarr, David Landau, Martin Landau, Carole Landis, John Landis (Director), Priscilla Lane, Jessica Lange, Lisa Langlois, Ring Lardner Jr., Bobby Larson, Sydney Lassick, John Latch, John Laurie, Piper Laurie, Gabriele Lavia, Viola Lawrence (Editor), Jeni Le Gon, William Leanway (Cinematography), James A. Lebovitz (Cinematographer), Raymond Lebotiz (Editor), Vivien Leigh, Virgina Leith, Kasi Lemmons, Richard LeParmentier, Alan Jey Lerner (Writer), Joan Leslie, Mark L. Lester (Director/Writer), Henri Letondal, Oscar Levant (Actor/Composer), Benn W. Levy (Writer), Ben Lewis (Editor), Harry Lewis, Howard Lindsay (Writer), Margaret Lindsay, Desmond Llewellyn, George Lloyd, Carol Locatell, Louis R. Loeffler (Editor), Donal Logue, Gina Lollobrigida, Frank Lovejoy, Warren Low, Edward T. Lowe Jr., Carl Lumbly, James Luisi, George Lynn, William A. Lyon (Editor), Derek Lyons, George Burr Macannan, Ranald MacDougall (Writer), Robert MacLeod, Ben Maddow, Michael Madsen, Richard Maibaum (Writer), Karl Malden, Marini Malfatti, Albert Maltz (Writer), Rouben Mamoulian (Director), Babaloo Mandel (Writer), Herman J. Mankiewicz (writer), Tom Mankiewicz (Writer), Jayne Mansfield, Richard Marcus, Antonio Margheriti (Director), Michael Mark, Mary Jo Markey (Editor), Eddie Marsan, E. G. Marshall, Jaeden Martell, Lee Marvin, Marino Mase, Lisa Marie, Jean Marsh, Oliver T. Marsh, Tully Marshall, Alphonse Martell, Helen Martin, Steve Martin (Actor/Writer), Arthur Martinelli (Cinematography), Lucien Martini (Writer), Sergio Martino (Director), Marx Bros (Chico and Harpo), John Mathieson (Cinematography), Victor Mature, James McAvoy, Kevin McCarthy, Marc McClure, Ted McCord (Cinematography), Patty McCormack (Archival Footage Included), Joel McCrea, Frances McDonald, John D. McDonald (Writer), John McIntire, Christopher McQuarrie (Director/Writer), Margaret McWade, James Kevin McGuinness (Writer), Kate McKinnon, Edward Meade, Donald Meek, Ben Mendelsohn, Heather Menzies, William Cameron Menzies (Director/Production Design)Gary Merrill, Emile Meyer, Thomas Middleditch, Toshiro Mifune, Vera Miles, Gene Milford (Editor), John Milius (Writer), Arthur C. Miller, David Miller (Director), Lee Miller, Belle Mitchell, Cameron Mitchell, Howard M. Mitchell, Laurie Mitchell, John Mitchum, Hayao Miyazaki (Director/Writer), Ricardo Montalban, Juanita Moore, Victor Moore, Agnes Moorehead, Baboura Morris, Patricia Morrow, Arthur Morton (Composer), Dermot Mulroney, Eddie Murphy, Michael Murphy, Reggie Nalder, Nieves Nararro (aka Susan Scott), Alan Napier, Charles Napier, Mario Nascimbene (Composer), Howard Negley, Shawn Nelson, Cathleen Nesbitt, Dorothy Neumann, Alfred Newman (Composer), David and Leslie Newman (Writers), Dudley Nichols (Writer), Leonard Nimoy, David Niven, Jeanette Nolan, Kim Novak, Philip Noyce (Director), Joseph Nussbaum (Composer), Christian Nyby (Editor), Lupita Nyong’o, William H. 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