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31 Days of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Week 4ish

Since I’m planning on doing anime films for the last few days I decided to put this one up now. March 22nd-Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure from 1989 (Director: Stephen Herek, Writer: Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, Stars: Keanu Reeves, … Continue reading

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2016 Favorites: Comic Book

This is it. Last 2016 list. No moving on… Favorite Webcomics 6. Sandra on the Rocks 4. Go Get A Roomie 3. Octopus Pie 2. Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!-The story of a girl who has been friendzoned by her best friend, … Continue reading

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2016 Favorites: Film

Another 2016 favorites. This was a different year because I saw pretty much none of the great reviewed Oscar buzz movies. Okay, I saw La La Land. It was alright. Handmaiden too, real good. Favorite Direction 5. Nicolas Winding Refn … Continue reading

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2016 Favorites: Television

Happy new years. Been a while since I updated so going to start finishing my favorites of the previous year. Already did Music and Wrestling. Favorite Ensembles 5. TIE: Flash and iZombie 4. Stranger Things 3. Brooklyn Nine Nine 2. … Continue reading

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2016 Favorites: Wrestling

10 Favorite Moments 10. Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode’s Music and Entrances for NXT. 9. Finn Balor Is First Ever Universal Champion for Raw Brand. 8. Mike Elgin Breaks Handcuffs Trapping Him To Steel Pole, Goes On To Win NJPW’s … Continue reading

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2016 Favorites: Music

Time to start rolling out the Favorites list. Not best of because obviously I don’t see, read, or listen to everything. First up Music because I really don’t listen to much new music. Favorite Albums of 2016 That Were Not … Continue reading

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My Geekdoms Favorites 2015: Wrestling Edition

Salute A Real… Special Recognition Award NJPW World-I tried not to subscribe because I don’t use my WWE Network that much but I got it for G1 and have not canceled yet. Been delivering the goods. Top 5 Favorite Tag … Continue reading

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